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Undergraduate Advising and Research
Parker House, HB 6201
Hanover, NH

The 2013 Dartmouth E.E. Just Symposium

Exploring the Future of STEM-October 4-5, 2013

Professor Jim GatesRebecca   David Spergel

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The 2013 E.E. Just Symposium Schedule 

EE Just Symposium Schedule

Friday 10/4

Noon-5 Speakers arrive

6:00 PM, Professor Stephon Alexander makes remarks

6:05 PM, President Hanlon Welcoming Remarks

6:10 PM, Jim Gates Keynote Address (Oopik Auditorium)


Saturday 10/5

9:15 AM, Dr. Andrea Hayes Jordan (30 Minutes + 10 Minute discussion) (Medicine)

9:55 AM, Professor David Spergel (30 Minutes + 10 Minute discussion) (Astrophysics)

10:35 AM, Professor Rebecca Fiebrink (30 Minutes +10 Minute discussion) (Computer Science)

11:15 AM, Professor Aniruddh Patel (30 Minutes + 10 Minute discussion) (Neoscientist)

11:55 AM-1:30 PM, Speakers have Lunch with EE Just Students. 

2:00 PM, Professor Kristen Hawkes (30 Minutes + 10 Minute discussion) (Evolutionary Biology)

2:40 PM, Dr. Gary Weber (30 Minutes + 10 Minutes discussion) (Neuroscience)

3:20 PM, Coffee Break (15 Minutes)

3:35 PM, Professor Sarah Parcak (30 Minutes + 10 Minute discussion) (Geology)

4:15 PM Panel Discussion: The Future of STEM in the Academy (Hayes-Jordan, Dave Kotz, Alexander, Dan Rockmore)

5:00 PM Speakers Convey to E.E. Just space


Any questions regarding the symposium may be directed to:

Christine M. Head
Dartmouth College
E.E. Just Symposium Coordinator



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