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Child labor related essays, surveys, and links.  See publications and working papers for specific research papers .  More information on current child labor issues can be found by following Edmonds on Twitter:

An accessible description of recent research on how international trade influences child labor in poor countries, VoxEU.org, July 19, 2007

A concise description of the economics literature on child labor with a focus on international issues, presumes some background in economics, commissioned for  The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy, April 2007

An essay aimed at educated readers with little formal economics background, published in The World of Child Labor, H. Hindman ed., 2009

Trade and Child Labour   (with N. Pavcnik)

Eric V. Edmonds, Child Labor Research

A commissioned essay for a U.S. State Department publication, Ending Abusive Child Labor, May 2005

An introduction to the child labor literature in economics aimed at an academic audience, Journal of Economic Perspectives 18(1), Winter 2005, 199-220

Child Labor in the Global Economy  (with N. Pavcnik)


A survey of the child labor literature in economics aimed at graduate students interested in child labor, January 2007 (minor revisions, June 2007). Published in the Handbook of Development Economics, Volume 4.

A non-technical summary of recent research on child labor and trade reform in India, VoxEU.org, May 28, 2008

A review of the implication of the child labor literature for research and policy work on independent child migration (commissioned by UNICEF), 2009.

An accessible discussion of issues of the interaction of child labor and public health published in in A. Fassa, D. Parker, and T. Scanlon (eds.), Child Labour—A Public Health Perspective, Oxford University Press, 2010

A critical review of the different definitions and concepts of child labor used in academic and policy research.  Published by International Labour Office, International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) - Geneva:  ILO, 2009

An essay on how trade adjustment in poor countries impacts child labor and schooling.  This essay is part of a World Bank project on understanding trade adjustment, 2009.