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Economics 24:  Development Economics

A majority of the world’s population lives on less than $2/day.  The goal of this course is to better understand the lives of the world’s poor.  What are their lives like?  Why do they remain poor?  Specifically, what price distortions and market failures hinder their quest to improve their well-being?  Is there scope for policy to help the world’s poor?  We do not answer these questions with anecdotes and abstract theory.  Throughout this course, we examine detailed survey data of the world’s poor, and look at policies that have been attempted and evaluated scientifically.  Economics 1 and Economics 10 (or equivalent statistics course) are prerequisites.  Econ 20 and 21 are recommended but not required.  Dist:  SOC or INT.    WCult:  NW. Offered fall and winter terms.

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Economics 44:  Topics in Development Economics

This seminar considers microeconomic aspects of the causes and consequences of extreme poverty in the developing world.  Recent research on topics such child labor, credit, education, environmental degradation, fertility, gender discrimination, health, HIV/AIDs, insurance, malnutrition, social capital, and technology adoption will be considered in depth.  Topics vary from year to year.  Students are required to write a major research paper.  Prereqs:  Econ 20, 21, and 24.  Dist:  SOC or INT.    WCult:  NW. Edmonds.  Offered winter  terms.

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