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Secondary Certification Candidates

Given the current educational policy context, we strongly recommend ALL candidates for certification take EDUC 09: Assessment and Individual Differences (Fall, 10). For candidates seeking certification to teach mathematics or a science, we strongly recommend EDUC 56: STEM and Education (Winter, 2A).

In addition, our nation’s students are increasingly diverse, both in terms of language and culture. While the practica develop your cross-cultural competence as well as your familiarity with research on learning of languages, we encourage all candidates - regardless of where they expect to teach – to take EDUC 58: Language Acquisition and Development (Winter, 10A) and Winter at 2: Learning and Education Across Cultures (Spring, 2), both of which provide the theoretical background you need to teach diverse students. EDUC 58 is particularly important for candidates for certification as English or foreign language teachers.

EDUC 01, 29, 62, and 64 (and 09, 56, and 58) provide an evidence-based conceptual and theoretical background upon which the pedagogy courses build. TEP students are encouraged to save their work from these courses for use and application in the pedagogy courses. Specific artifacts from these courses may also be used to meet State certification competency standards.

The pedagogy courses offer in-classroom teaching experiences: 4 to 6 hours per week in the pre-practicum (EDUC 45) and full-time for 15 weeks in the student teaching practicum (EDUC 47). The practicum is accompanied by a teaching seminar (EDUC 46) and completion of the portfolio required for State certification, which includes artifacts addressing each of the competency standards (EDUC 48). For your in-classroom student teaching experiences (pre-practica, EDUC 44, and practica, EDUC 47), you will be placed with mentor teachers in local schools. Principals and mentor teachers will review the cover letter and statement of purpose that you initially develop as part of your application to the TEP. Successful placement will depend on principals and mentor teachers choosing you to work with them.

TEP students return to campus in late Summer for the practicum, in order to be able to attend initial faculty meetings, prepare their classrooms with their mentor teachers, and be able to teach from the first day of school; they also stay later than the end of Fall term in order to complete the minimum 15 weeks of student teaching. Specific courses in your discipline are also required. When you apply to the program, TEP Director Professor Holcombe will discuss requirements specific to the discipline for which you seek certification at your initial meeting. Most of these requirements are met in the course of completing your major.


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