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Instructional Rounds

roundsIn the practica seminars (EDUC 42 and 46), TEP students engage in Instructional Rounds8, a process inspired by medical rounds, in which we work together to closely examine teaching in order to collectively improve our practice. We begin by working together to frame a shared problem of practice, based on our work in classrooms and our review of related literature. We then generate hypotheses about practice related to that problem, and observe multiple examples of instruction across diverse contexts to gather evidence related to our hypotheses. Through observing multiple examples of teaching, students both learn to look for patterns in what works, and develop a database of teaching that they can draw on to plan and evaluate their own work with students. Together, we observe and closely analyze videos of our own instruction and student learning in the context of that instruction. As we debrief our observations of our own teaching and our students’ learning, we describe what we observed, analyze any patterns that emerge, predict the kind of learning and behavior we might expect based on the teaching we observed, and recommend the next level of work that could help us to better achieve our desired goals.9


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