Faculty Research Projects

Reading and Literacy and their Development in the Child’s Brain: Professor Donna Coch

Assistant Professor Donna Coch conducts neuroscientific research investigating processes related to reading and language. By using the event-related potential (ERP) method, a noninvasive recording of brainwaves, she answers questions concerning how children develop the skills and neurocognitive systems involved in reading and language, how lower-level visual and auditory processing skills contribute to reading skills, and what might change in the brain as children learn how to read. She conducts ERP research with both typical and atypical populations, and with both children and adults. A developmental cognitive neuroscientist, she is interested in developing stronger connections between psychological and neuroscientific research findings and educational practice and policy. More details can be found on Professor Coch's Education web page.

Moral Education: Professor Garrod

Professor Garrod conducts research on moral reasoning in adolescence. He uses autobiographical narrative to probe the nature of the development of the moral mind. He also conducts research on cross-cultural aspects of moral development in a variety of cultures, such as Bosnia, shown on the left. More details can be found on Professor Garrod's Education web page.


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