David Kraemer
Assistant Professor
Department of Education

David Kraemer

David Kraemer
Assistant Professor
Department of Education

Ph.D. Dartmouth College, Cognitive Neuroscience, 2007

Dartmouth College
212 Raven House
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3140
Fax: (603) 646-3968

Email: david.kraemer@dartmouth.edu
Laboratory Website

Both within and without the classroom walls, teaching, discussion, and investigation are complementary processes through which ideas germinate, develop, and are spread to a new set of fertile minds. Each of these components plays a vital role in facilitating the growth of the nascent field of Mind, Brain, and Education, and in stimulating it to thrive. I view my role as a teacher equally as an opportunity to impart knowledge as well as to further explore - and question - the very foundations of that accepted knowledge. Much of my excitement about the courses I teach stems from the prospect of thinking critically about the topics I present and from being challenged by my students to consider new ways of advancing our understanding of those topics. I believe the fields of Education, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience can learn a great amount from each other and in the courses I teach I aim to draw connections between findings in each of these areas. Moreover, much of what we now know about learning and much of what we now believe constitute the best approaches to education are the products of very recent studies and ongoing debates. Fostering discussion of these topics in the classroom will be critical in developing these ideas further and in determining future courses of research and future courses of action as the field develops.
  • Education 09: Individual Differences and Assessment
  • Education 16: Educational Psychology
  • Education 56: STEM and Education
Research and Teaching Interests
  • neural and behavioral correlates of learning and complex cognition
  • how does the information we receive from our senses form lasting conceptual representations in the brain?
  • how does this process vary for different individuals?
  • what behaviors, strategies, and conditions allow for successful learning of complex concepts?

In the service of investigating these questions I employ various experimental methods including fMRI, eyetracking, and computerized behavioral testing.

Professor Kraemer is also a faculty member in the Graduate program in Psychological and Brain Sciences

Current Research and Publications
Please see my Laboratory Website for links to publications and information about current research projects.
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