Sean Kang
Assistant Professor
Department of Education

Sean Kang

Sean Kang
Assistant Professor
Department of Education

Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis, Psychology (Behavior, Brain, & Cognition), 2009

Dartmouth College
210 Raven House
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-9051
Fax: (603) 646-3968

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My goal as a teacher is not merely to impart knowledge, but also to nurture in students a sense of excitement and curiosity about the intricacies of human behaviour and cognition. One way I try to do that is by helping students see how the information and skills they acquire from the course have direct implications for their lives now (e.g., greater insight into their own learning and development) and in the future (e.g., as educators, parents, lifelong learners). I strive to implement measures that promote more effective learning in the classroom, and yet recognise that a large proportion of learning occurs outside of the classroom. Hence, I believe it is equally important to equip students with the necessary tools and strategies for successful self-directed learning.
  • Education 58: Language Acquisition and Development
  • Education 60: Learning and Education Across Cultures
  • Education 62: Adolescent Development and Education
Research and Teaching Interests
  • applying cognitive science to education
  • human learning and memory
    • Effects of testing on long-term retention
    • Distributed / spaced practice
    • Metacognition and strategic learning
  • visual word recognition
    • Interplay of reading and memory processes

Professor Kang is also a faculty member in the Graduate Program in Psychological and Brain Sciences.

There is a burgeoning effort among policy makers and funding agencies to ground educational policy and practice on rigorous scientific evidence. In this vein, the core of my research revolves around addressing theoretical issues in the cognitive psychology of learning and memory that also have direct practical implications, especially for pedagogy. I am fortunate to have research interests that dovetail nicely with my role as a teacher, for the findings from my research often have implications for educational practice (and conversely, experience in the classroom provides ideas for future research).

Current Research and Publications

Please see our laboratory website for links to publications and information about our current research projects.

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