Rebecca Holcombe
Lecturer and Director of the Teacher Education Program

rebecca Holcombe

Rebecca Holcombe
Lecturer and Director of the Teacher Education Program

ABD Harvard Graduate School of Education

Dartmouth College
207 Raven House
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-1502
Fax: (603) 646-3968

Recent brain research demonstrates that the quality of learning opportunities to which children have access profoundly shapes what we think of as their "potential." However, inequality is increasing in the United States, and with it, we risk greater inequality in the opportunities students have to learn. In my teaching, I strive to help students understand the complexities of school improvement, as well as the incredible power they could have - as teachers, policy makers and citizens - to improve outcomes for young people. I feel privileged to support students in the Teacher Education Program as they enter the intellectually challenging and personally rewarding profession of teaching.
  • Education 29: Policy and Politics in American Education
  • Education 45: Principles of Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School: Theory and Practice
  • Education 46-8: Advanced Principles of Secondary School Teaching and Practice Teaching - Secondary
Current Research and Publications

Holcombe, R. (2008) Equity and Efficiency:  Vermont's Act 60 (A and B cases). Programs in Professional Education. Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Wang, Ming-Te and Holcombe, Rebecca. (2010) Adolescents' Perceptions of School Environment, Engagement, and Academic Achievement in Middle School. American Education Research Journal. September, 47 (3)

Higgins, M., Ishimaru, A., Holcombe, R., Fowler, A. (2012). Examining organizational learning in schools: The role of psychological safety, experimentation, and leadership that reinforces learning. Journal of Educational Change, v13 n1 p67-94.

Holcombe, R. W., Jennings, J. L., and Koretz, D. M. (2011) Predictable Patterns that Facilitate Score Inflation: A Comparison of New York and Massachusetts Tests. Unpublished manuscript submitted for review, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Holcombe, R.W. (2011). Can the 10th Grade Mathematics MCAS Test be Gamed?: Opportunities for Score Inflation. Manuscript submitted for review.

Holcombe, R.H., Jennings, J.L., & Koretz, D. (2013). The roots of score inflation: An examiniation of opportunities in two states' tests. In G. Sunderman & K. Wong. (Eds.), Charting Reform, Achieving Equity in a Diverse Nation (pp. 163-189). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

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