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The Education Department offers both a minor in Education and a teacher certification program; undergraduates may choose either or both options. Students may take Education courses singly, to fill distributive requirements or as electives, or in a sequence that will satisfy the requirements for the minor and/or certification.


Course descriptions are available in the print and on-line ORC. Click here for a schedule of courses for the 2015 academic year.

educationMinor in Education

The minor is designed to help students to build and use an integrated, multilevel understanding of learning and development based on critical analysis of theory, policy, and empirical data from education, neuroscience, and psychology. The courses explore how children grow, acquire language, think, reason, learn a variety of skills and knowledge, and how they conceptualize their social, emotional, and moral worlds.

The minor is composed of six courses:

•  EDUC001 - the introductory course (strongly recommended this course be taken first)
•  five other Education courses excluding 41-48
Students who are serious about a career in Education are advised to take EDUC088 as one of the five courses.

Senior Education minors are eligible to apply for the Cameron-Glickenhaus Family Fund Prize for the Most Promising Minor in Human Development and Education.

teacher educationTeacher Education Program

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to become certified as teachers at the elementary or secondary level through the Teacher Education Program. Students interested in teaching certification should talk with a member of the department as early as possible in order to design a course of study that meets certification requirements. Click here for more information about the Teacher Education Program.

Seniors in the Teacher Education Program who are enrolled in or have completed Education 41/45 are eligible to apply for the Cameron-Glickenhaus Family Fund Prize for a promising teaching intern.

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