We in Dartmouth College's exciting and newly revitalized Department of Education are committed to educating Dartmouth students in the richly diverse field that is called "Education." Our Department is committed to learning, research, teaching, and the public.

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We are committed to learning: We are committed to what and how learning best occurs in the developing person. We seek to understand the extrinsic and intrinsic contexts that best motivate learning. We are also committed to the study of what growing young people know, what they think across a variety of domains, and how knowledge changes over time.

We are committed to research: We are committed to conducting cutting-edge basic scientific research that examines the development of a human child (broadly defined) from birth to adulthood that links with educational practice.

We are committed to teaching. We not only strive to be the best teachers possible in our own classrooms, but we have an outstanding Teacher Education Program, with exciting opportunities for students to gain rewarding teaching experience directly with children in their classrooms.

We are committed to the public: Our Department seeks to make important and meaningful contributions to the Dartmouth College community and, crucially, to the wider public. We are committed to sharing our knowledge about how young people develop, think, and grow, as well as how they learn best, through our formal open speaker series and our on-site talks and seminars.

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We are also committed to listening to others through the rewarding exchange that comes from inviting teachers to speak to us in equal and mutual discourse. Our faculty is committed to the wider public through their active participation in the U.S. government's educational policy planning and implementation committees, and through our Department's programs around the nation and world that are dedicated to improving the education of children.

Dartmouth's growing Department of Education is contemporary, forward-looking, and our marriage of basic research with educational practice makes us the new face of Education in the United States today!

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