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Isotope Geochemistry at Dartmouth

Overview. The study of isotopes has been used extensively in geochemical research for the study of a wide variety of geological processes. The Department of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College has a number of faculty that specialize in use a variety of radiogenic and stable isotope systems. This research ranges from the study of core-mantle and crustal differentiation (Sharma), organic matter transformations (Feng), clay mineral petrology (Aronson), and organic geochemistry (Feng). Geochronology is also used by a number of researchers to determine the timing of major geological events (Aronson and Sharma).

Laboratory Facilities. Dartmouth Earth Sciences is well equipped for geochemical research. Here, we have several multiple inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometers and optical emission spectrometers for elemental and isotopic analyses, facilities for isotope-ratio mass spectrometry, liquid and gas chromatographs for chemical separation and speciation, facilities for mineral/petrographic spectroscopy, and a variety of general use laboratories for sample processing. We also have metal-free and clean laboratory facilities for sample preparation of ultratrace concentration materials.


Mantle Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry and Marine Geochemistry
Geochemical Indicators of Climate and Sedimentary Petrology
Hydrochemistry and Solute Transport
Analytical Geochemistry



Mukul Sharma
Xiahong Feng
Brian Jackson
Jim Aronson


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