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W. Brian Dade

Surficial Processes



Contact Information:

Dartmouth College
Department of Earth Sciences
6105 Fairchild Hall
Hanover, NH 03755
Email: w.brian.dade@dartmouth.edu
Office: 203 Fairchild
Office Phone: 603-646-0286
Office Fax: 603-646-3922
Lab: 211A Fairchild

Earth Surface Processes:

I enjoy learning about Earth surface processes and forms, especially the dynamics and deposits of rivers and the sea, and of gravity-driven flows associated with avalanches and volcanic eruptions. The aim of my research is an improved understanding of i) particle and contaminant transport, ii) the sedimentary record, iii) geologic hazards, and iv) the morphology and evolution of natural landscapes.

My research is characterized by an interdisciplinary view of the natural world and the broad application of physical concepts. Some students I work with pursue field studies to examine quantitative aspects of Earth surface morphology and the sedimentary record. Others pursue environmentally-relevant and theory-driven experiments in 'The Water Shed', a laboratory which houses a re-circulating flume, a lock-release tank, and related, state-of-the art instrumentation for the study of sediment-transporting flows and flows through porous media. Click here for a view of the ‘Shed’. Others still work in the nearby Army Corp of Engineers wind tunnel facility. Please contact me about mutual interests and opportunities for graduate research.

Research Group Website: Geomorphology and Surficial Processes at Dartmouth

Selected Recent Publications:

Curtis, K. E., C.E. Renshaw, F.J. Magilligan & W.B. Dade. 2010. Temporal and spatial scales of geomorphic adjustments to reduced competency following flow regulation in bedload dominated systems. Geomorphology. ( in press ).

Hamm , N., W. B Dade, C. E. Renshaw. 2010. Deposition of fine particles to an initially-starved bed. Sedimentology 56:1976-1991.

Hong, E., W. B Dade, Y-C. Chang, S-Y Chan. 2010. Geomorphic evolution of a barrier island reflects history of natural sediment supply and human intervention in Taiwan . J. Coastal Research 26:53-58 .

Haehnel, R.B. & W.B Dade. 2009. Physics of particle entrainment under the influence of an impinging jet. Proc. Army Science Conference, Dec 1-4, 2008, Orlando , FL.


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