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New Sources of Early Chinese History: An Introduction to the Reading of Inscriptions and Manuscripts

Early China Special Monograph Series No. 3

New Sources of Early Chinese History: An Introduction to the Reading of Inscriptions and Manuscripts

Edited by Edward L. Shaughnessy

This volume surveys the wealth of early Chinese paleographic material from Shang to Han, including oracle-bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, covenant texts, and manuscripts on bamboo, wood, and silk. The chapters, written by recognized authorities in their respective fields, address the new interpretations of early Chinese history that arise from research on inscriptions and manuscripts while also discussin paleographic research methods. PLEASE ORDER THROUGH REGULAR BOOKSTORES OR ONLINE BOOK SUPPLIERS. The reprint is not available through the SSEC or the Institute of East Asian Studies Publications office.


Introduction Edward L. Shaughnessy
Shang Oracle-Bone Inscriptions David N. Keightly
Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions Edward L. Shaughnessy
Eastern Zhou Bronze Inscriptions Gilbert L. Mattos
The Covenant Texts from Houma and Wenxian Susan R. Weld
Wood and Bamboo Administrative Documents of the Han Period Michael Loewe
Qin and Han Legal Manuscripts A.F.P. Hulsewé
Warring States, Qin, and Han Manuscripts
Related to Natural Philosophy and the Occult
Donald Harper
Manuscripts with Transmitted Counterparts William G. Boltz

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