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Early China 28 (2003)

Early China 28 (2003): Table of Contents, Obituaries and Abstracts (PDF file)



Derk Bodde (1909–2003)

Ōba Osamu 大庭脩(1927–2002)




The Background of the Kong Family of Lu and the Origins of Ruism Robert Eno

The Diagram of the Mourning System from Mawangdui Guolong Lai

Zhong Hui’s Laozi Commentary and the Debate on Capacity and Nature in Third-century China Alan K. L. Chan




The Development of Naturalist Thought in Ancient China: A Review of W. Allyn Rickett’s Guanzi Robin McNeal




Chuang-tzǔ: The Inner Chapters, translated by A.C. Graham, and A Companion to Angus C. Graham’s Chuang tzǔ: The Inner Chapters, edited by Harold D. Roth Reviewed by Paul R. Goldin




Shigaku Zasshi: Summary of Japanese Scholarship for 1999 Takatsu Junya 高津純也 and Miyake Kiyoshi 宮宅潔


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