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Early China 26-27 (2001-2002)

Early China 26-27 (2001-2002): Table of Contents and Abstracts (PDF file)



“Offices” in Bronze Inscriptions of Western Zhou Government Administration Li Feng

New Sources of Western Zhou History: Recent Discoveries of Inscribed Bronze Vessels Edward L. Shaughnessy

The Development of Xunzi’s Theory of Xing, Reconstructed on the Basis of a Textual Analysis of Xunzi 23, “Xing E” 性惡 (Xing is Bad) Dan Robins

The Spirit Lord of Baishi Mountain: Feeding the Deities or Heeding the Yinyang? K. E. Brashier

Dated Inscriptions on Certain Mirrors (A.D. 6–105): Genuine or Fabricated? Michael Loewe




Defining Chu: Image and Reality in Ancient China, edited by Constance A. Cook and John S. Major Reviewed byAlain Thote

Huan Kuan Yantie lun: Vademecum zu dem Klassiker der Chinesischen Wirtschaftsdebatten, edited by Erling v. Mende, Bertram Schefold, and Hans Ulrich Vogel Reviewed by Michael Loewe




Shigaku Zasshi: Summary of Japanese Scholarship for 1998 Saiki Tetsurō 齋木哲郎 and Kumagai Shigezō 熊谷滋三


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Annual Bibliography

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