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Early China 23-24 (1998-99)

Early China 23-24 (1998-1999) Table of Contents and Abstracts (PDF file)



Shared Imagery: Eastern Zhou Decors and Iconographies Sophia-Karin Psarras

Some Ritual Elaborations on Cooking and Sacrifice in Late Zhou and Western Han Texts Gilles Boileau

The Xingde 刑德 Texts from Mawangdui Marc Kalinowski

Sima Qian: A True Historian? Michael Nylan




Early Chinese Manuscripts: Including Addenda and Corrigenda to New Sources of Early Chinese History: An Introduction to the Reading of Inscriptions and Manuscripts Enno Giele




The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia, edited by Victor H. Mair Reviewed by Nicola Di Cosmo

From Chronicle to Canon: The Hermeneutics of the Spring and Autumn, According to Tung Chung-shu, by Sarah A. Queen Reviewed by Anne Cheng




Shigaku Zasshi: Summary of Japanese Scholarship for 1996 Shibata Noburo 柴田昇 and Kojima Shigetoshi 小島茂稔

Shigaku Zasshi: Summary of Japanese Scholarship for 1997 Ozawa Masahito 小澤正人 and Fujita Takao 藤田高夫


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