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Early China 22 (1997)

Early China 22 (1997) Table of Contents and Abstracts (PDF file)



Ancient Reproductions and Calligraphic Variations: Studies of Western Zhou Bronzes with “Identical” InscriptionsLi Feng

The Inscription of the “Jinhou Su Bianzhong” and its Significance Jae-hoon Shim

Intellectual Change in the Chunqiu Period: The Reliability of the Speeches in the Zuo zhuan as Sources of Chunqiu Intellectual History Yuri Pines

Remonstrance in Eastern Zhou Historiography David Schaberg




Xunzi and the Problem of Impersonal First Person Pronouns (review of Knoblock, Xunzi) Christoph Harbsmeier

Commentary, Philosophy, and Translation: Reading Wang Bi’s Commentary to the Yi jing in a New Way (review of Lynn, I Ching) Edward L. Shaughnessy




Du Néolithique à l’Âge du Bronze en Chine du Nord-Ouest: La culture de Qijia et ses connexions, by Corinne Debaine-Francfort Reviewed by Louisa G. Fitzgerald-Huber

Drevneishaya i Drevnyaya Istoriya Kitaya: Drevnekamenny Vek (Ancient and Early History of China: Early Stone Age), by Stanislav Kuchera Reviewed by John W. Olsen




Shigaku Zasshi: Summary of Japanese Scholarship for 1995 Yoshikai Masato 吉開將人 and Nishikawa Toshifumi西川利文

Dissertation Abstracts

Annual Bibliography

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