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Early China 20 (1995)

Early China 20 (1995) Table of Contents and Abstracts (PDF file)

Dedicated to David N. Keightley

DNK- Some Reflections, In Celebration David Johnson

The Works of David Noel Keightley




Ritualized Pigs and the Origins of Complex Society: Hypotheses Regarding the Hongshan Culture Sarah M. Nelson

Qijia and Erlitou: The Question of Contact with Distant Cultures Louisa G. Fitzgerald-Huber

On the Meaning of Shang in the Shang Dynasty Kwang-chih Chang

The Ghost Head Mask and Metamorphic Shang Imagery Elizabeth Childs-Johnson

The Pivot: Comparative Perspectives from the Four Quarters Nancy Thompson Price

The Cosmo-political Background of Heaven’s Mandate David W. Pankenier

An Interpretation of the “Shao Gao” David S. Nivison

The Ru Reinterpretation of Xiao Keith N. Knapp

The Origin of an Yijing Line Statement Edward L. Shaughnessy

Scribes, Cooks, and Artisans: Breaking Zhou Tradition Constance A. Cook

Reflections on the Political Role of Spirit Mediums in Early China: The Wu Officials in the Zhou Li Lothar von Falkenhausen

Do Not Serve the Dead as You Serve the Living: The Lüshi chunqiu Treatises on Moderation in Burial Jeffrey Riegel

State Control of Bureaucrats under the Qin: Techniques and Procedures Robin D. S. Yates

Basic Considerations on the Commentaries of the Silk Manuscript Book of Changes Li Xueqin

The Bellows Analogy in Laozi V and Warring States Macrobiotic Hygiene Donald Harper

Textual Criticism More Sinico William Boltz

Wise Man of the Wilds: Fatherlessness, Fertility, and the Mythic Exemplar, Kongzi Lionel M. Jensen




Shigaku Zasshi: Summary of Japanese Scholarship for 1993 Suzuki Atsushi 鈴本敦 and Watanabe Shin’ichirō 渡邊這一郎

Dissertation Abstracts

Annual Bibliography

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