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Other Services Provided by the Faculty/Employee Assistance Program

Assessment for Mental Health Medication

For FEAP clients who request an or are assessed to be potential candidates for psychotropic medication, we have two part time consulting psychiatrists who can evaluate, and provide brief follow-up medication assessment and management. This option is also available to clients who currently are on medication and would like to discuss their medication management with a psychiatrist. As with all FEAP services, there is no charge for the initial assessment as well as the follow-up sessions. To schedule an assessment or to discuss the service, give us a call at 646-1165 or by e-mail FEAP@Dartmouth.Edu


Distance Learning Mentoring

The Dartmouth College F/EAP is now offering distance learning mentoring for those staff and family members either in or considering a distance learning program. The mentoring can help in many areas, such as -

• Referrals to free introductory courses before you invest in paid programs

• Explaining the difference between traditional schooling and distance learning

• Discuss the potential challenges in long distance learning and how to overcome them

• Assessing/Evaluating your learning style

• Managing the anxiety and stress that can be a part of this transition

• Assisting with on-line communication and netiquette

• How to work in a virtual learning team environment to get the most out of the experience

• Confidential discussions with a savvy long distance learning alumnus

You can make an appointment and speak to a member of our staff who is experienced in this type of learning environment by calling 603-646-1165 or emailing


Veteran's Resource Connections

The F/EAP in now offering confidential consultations, with a veteran on staff, who can help connect past and current veterans and their families to local, state, and national resources. These confidential consultations include referrals for legal concerns, PTSD challenges, mental health concerns, websites for employment, family issues, and reintegration into civilian life concerns. If you are a veteran or have a family member who is and wish to utilize this service, please give F/EAP a call at 603-646-1165 or email


  • D2U notification of upcoming FEAP events, and satellite office availability.

  • Referral resources (e.g., mental health providers, attorneys, financial planners, agencies, community programs).

  • Consultations for supervisors, administrators, department chairs,  concerning any topic that impacts the workplace.

  • Collaborating with departments on change management, organizational structure, and employees re-entering the work place after a leave of absence.

  • Educational programs/discussion groups (e.g., stress, substance abuse, eldercare, parenting, separation/divorce issues, parent/child relationships, couples, financial, resiliency & work/life balance, etc.).

  • Crisis counseling and or intervention when tragedy affects an employee, personally or department/campus-related

  • Web-Based Information and Resource Directory

  • Coaching (identifying, sustaining, and attaining goals)

  • Collaboration with other FEAP/FSAP programs in higher education to help identify and or utilize regional resources for family members of faculty and employees needing services in other parts of the country.




Last Updated: 12/9/15