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Hurricane Irene Resources

The devastation in Vermont and New Hampshire due to flooding from Tropical Storm has been extensive. Irene is fast becoming Vermont's worst natural disaster since 1927. It washed away roads, homes, bridges and the state's emergency operations center.

Recovering Emotionally

Disasters are upsetting experiences for everyone involved. Children, senior citizens, people with disabilities and people for whom English is not their first language are especially at risk. Children may become afraid and some elderly people may seem disoriented at first. People with disabilities may require additional assistance. It is important to let children and elderly people know that they are safe and that you will help them find a safe place to stay. It is important that you try to talk with them in a calm way. When disaster strikes, a child's view of the world as a safe and predictable place is temporarily lost. Children become afraid that the event will happen again and that they or their family may be injured or killed. The damage, injuries and deaths that can result from an unexpected or uncontrollable event are difficult for most children to understand. Your local Red Cross can give you information about helping children cope with disaster and trauma.



We hope the following resources will be of help to you

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Red Cross



Last Updated: 8/30/11