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It's That Time Again...Discussions about Politics in the Workplace

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Suicide, the Opioid Crisis and Natural Disasters



Robin Williams 1951 - 2014


Depression and Suicide

Understanding Dual Diagnosis (Depression and Addiction)



 The Opioid Crisis

 Click Here: About the Epidemic


Natural Disasters

What Parents Can Do: Helping Kids Cope with Violence & Disaster

The Addiction Treatment Program  The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Addiction Treatment Program offers state-of-the-art evaluation, treatment, and referral services for people seeking help for substance use disorders

HEADREST Recovery services regardless of any client's ability to pay. Headrest's mission is to help those with limited income, so that no person is turned away; no person is alone. Their 24-hour crisis hotline  responds yearly to 10,000 calls from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.


       NH Alcohol & Drug Treatment Locator


       VT Substance Abuse Treatment Resources:


        NH Substance Abuse Treatment Resources:



               Raising Resilient Kids

  • Enhance Your Personality

              Be Patient and Let Go

              Stop Being Passive-Aggressive

              How to Advocate for You!

              Isn't it Selfish to be Assertive?

              Dealing with Conflict & Difficult People in the Workplace and Part II

               Surviving Holidays 

The AARP Subchannel 

           Sexual health and aging

           Sexual Issues (Women)

           Sexual Issues (Men)


          Stress: Know the signs

          When you walk through a storm Stress Management

          Meditation: Good for Believers and Non-Believers

          Mindfulness or Site II


          Go Ahead...You Can Do It

          From the American Psychological Association

          From Psychology Today

          Am I Stressed?

          The ABC Method of Stress Reduction (Highly Recommended)  brainy3



  • Suicide Warning Signs and What You Can Do

              What to do when someone is suicidal

              Recognizing suicidal behavior

              How Parents can help


              I'm worried about someone on Facebook






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