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dartmouth women's rugby presents...
Debra Archambault '85, Head Coach

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Deb Archambault

In 1981, Deb Archambault matriculated at Dartmouth as a member of the Dartmouth Women's Basketball Team. Her freshman spring, she decided to join the DWRC, and by her junior year, she was coaching, due to the fact that the captains, at that time, acted as coaches.

In 1987, she left for Los Angeles, CA and worked at various jobs, including a professional screen extra and a construction worker, as well as coaching at UCLA and for the Grizzlies.

After five years, she returned to Dartmouth and began work at a law firm in Woodstock, VT. She also began coaching at Dartmouth again, where she remains today as a much loved member of the team.

< Deb blows by the defense in this pic from the 1986 Aegis.