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Fall 2007 Game Summaries

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22 Sept 2007 - Brophy Field, Hanover, NH
Game notes by Corinne Headley '08, write-up by Katherine Minyety '08

This past weekend the Dartmouth Women's Rugby Club was ready to come out strong and prove what a powerhouse the Ladies in Green could really be at their season opener against Brown.

Starting the match with strong possession of the ball, Dartmouth demonstrated excellent opposition against Brown's strength in the ruck. Capitalizing on a penalty to Brown early on in the game, the Big Green put intense offensive pressure against the Brown Bear's tryzone. A nice catch by 8-Man Alysia "works on her posture in her spare time" Harris '08 on a Brown lineout kept the ball alive and in Green's posession, despite good defense by Brown. Dartmouth showed excellent crashing and maneuvering around Brown's defensive wall, attempting to play the type of continuous play the Big Green is used to. Hooker Amelia "No spandex? No problem" Alvarez '08 threw her heart into the game resulting in some spectacular tackles. A penalty by Dartmouth resulted in Brown gaining possession of the ball, only to be met by good tackling defense by Harris and then followed by a great kick from Fullback Caroline "In-house DJ" Cima '10. Unfortunately for Dartmouth, Brown was agressive on the ball and recovered the ball to take it across the try zone making the score to 0-5.

Brown soon began testing their kicking game on the Ladies in green only to be met with a spectacular blocks by Wing Rachel "I can kick!" Forman '09, who after a penalty by Dartmouth in which Brown kicked again, caught the ball and put in a yard eating run. With great rucking and mauling by Prop Claire "She'll sing you some German showtunes" Scott '11, Alvarez , and Prop Emily "Can tell you the capitals of all the Caribbean islands" Luscz '08, the big Green remained strong in the following consecutive scrums. Between scrums, the crowd saw admirable passing from Harris to Scrumhalf Julia "Hangs out with fourth graders" Jacobsen '08 to Forman, which was followed by a good run and pass from Cima to center Katie "Up with technology" Moerlein '08. With smart hands and ball awareness the back line once again demonstrated nice support with Harris breaking through Brown's defense and passing down the line to Flanker Elizabeth "Huh?" Rexford '08, Luscz, and Flyhalf Mallory "MMM" McQueen 09. Brown gained possession of the ball nabbing it from the Big Green's lineout and scored bringing the score to 0-10.

After half time Dartmouth unfortunately was caught off guard by Brown who quickly scored off of the kickoff, but did not convert bring the score to 0-15. Then despite quite a few amazing tackles by flanker Katherine "Has her own presidential debates" Minyety '08 and commendable crashing technique by Dartmouth off penalties by Brown, the women of Providence scored another try and converted bringing the score to 0-22. Keeping the ball near Dartmouth's try line Brown attemptep to score again but the ball was held up in astounding defense by the DWRC. Brown eventually broke through, however, and scored another try and converted bring the score to 0-29. Determined to up the game Dartmouth showed some grand rugby skills with great mauling by Jacobsen, spectacular runs by Lock Meghan "Tapes her legs for fun" McDavid '10 and Wing Katie "There are too many (whats) in the kitchen?", fierce tackles by Center Parker "Call me on my cell!" Fagrelius '07, and Lock Gemma "Back with a vengeance" Ross '08. Good hands by Forman and excellent ball placement by Wing Jamie "Boxers or briefs" Smart '10 brought the match to a close with Brown scoring once more 0-34.


30 September 2007 - Brophy Field, Hanover, NH
Game summary written by Corinne Headley '08

Last Sunday the Dartmouth Women's Rugby Team power launched into the match against the Northeastern Maddogs. From the very first minute, Dartmouth showed they were going to be an unstoppable force in the scrum. Driving Northeastern off the ball Dartmouth had good possession at the beginning of the match. Flanker Elizabeth "the nanny" Rexford '08 showed great launching off of the Big Green's scrums putting the pressure on Northeasterns' scrumhalf. Dartmouth lost possession of the ball but quickly gained it back maintaining a solid wall of defense and cutting off the Lady Maddogs' offensive runs. With a penalty by Northeastern, Dartmouth kicked for touch only to be met with a counterattack run by Northeasterns back three. Hooker Corinne "Coco" Headley '08 stopped the run with a fierce tackle losing her shoe in the process. After a series of knock-ons the Big Green gave a continuous showing of strength in the scrums and good support and positioning by by prop Claire "giggles" Scott '11. Northeastern seemed to be having trouble on the set scrums and Dartmouth took full advantage, wheeling several of the Northeastern set scrum pieces. Sloppy passes from the Big Green allowed Northeastern to gain possession of the ball several times only to be met with one of many killer tackles by flanker Katherine "I'm an honest person" Minyety '08.

Nice vertical passing between 8-man Alysia "Silk" Harris 08 , Amelia "it's tool time" Alvarez '08, and Headley to wing Rachel "I've got cookies" Forman '09 kept the game in motion and moving the the field. Already in the tryzone after cutting through some of the Black and Red defense, Forman took the ball across the try line and scored the first try of the game. With no conversion the score stood at 5-0. After a series of lineouts, flyhalf Megan "curly" McDavid '10 took the ball up the side lines and despite pressure from Northeastern tacklers managed to stay in bounds gaining Green further ground. With a penalty to Northeastern they kicked the ball right into the hands of Forman who took the ball back into Dartmouth's hands and into play. On the next penalty to the Maddogs chose to kick for touch, eventually winning their lineout despite opposition by Green's jumpers. Kicking the ball toward the try line the Mad Dogs gave excellent chase but were foiled by a clear return kick by fullback Caroline "Selectively facebook friends" Cima '10. Dartmouth had a good showing with nice tackles and runs by inside center Mallory "The next Cherie?" McQueen '09 and outside center Parker "Older and wiser" Fagrelius '07. With a penalty to Dartmouth, scrumhalf Julia "Is this your shoe?" Jacobsen '08 made an amazing kick out, resulting in a lineout that Dartmouth won thanks to some first-rate throws by lock Emily "Come on Guys!" Luscz '08. Headley then took the ball up-field in a nice run gaining ground for the Big Green. After a Dartmouth knock-on, a scrum was given to the Maddogs where Jacobsen went one-on-one and tackled the scrumhalf. There was nice vertical passing off of the scrums as the ball made it's way out to Forman who scored another try, and brought the score to 10-0.

After half time Northeastern came back with aggressive offense and Dartmouth was pushed to up their defensive game, keeping their scrums tight and their tackles low. Green had a difficult time delivering clean passes due to the sometimes flat defensive lines again in the second half. With several nice runs by Harris with Rexford, Jacobson and Forman in good support Dartmouth moved up the field. Following a penalty to Northeastern, Dartmouth regained the ball on defense to lose it again as Northeastern won a scrum and scored a try right under the posts, which was converted bringing the score to 10-7. Thanks to Dartmouth's defense the Maddogs did not get the opportunity to score on again for the rest of the game, and the Big Green came away victorious: the final score was 10-7.

30 September 2007 - Brophy Field, Hanover, NH
Game summary written by Corinne Headley '08

This weekend saw the debut of our the talented and wonderful new DWRC rookies as they faced off against Northeastern's B-side. The Maddogs caught the Big Green somewhat off-guard scoring a try in the first five minutes of the match. Anxious to put their tackling game into practice, 8-Man Asa "This is awesome!" Shenandoah '10 and flankers Marisa "Get's a kick out of online dictionaries" Taney '09 and Elena "This is how I wrestle..." Martinez de Andino '11 quickly showed Northeastern that Dartmouth was not a force to be reckoned with. Having already had one game under her belt, lock Autumn "It crossed my mind" Dunn '11 maintained good body positioning off of the rucks ready to launch at Black and red defense. Northeastern had a nice breakaway early on in the match which did not result in a try due to especially aggressive tackling and defensive game of the back three- wings Jamie "Oh just get it over with" Smart '10 and Mel "Not an upperclassmen in disguise" Pastuck '11 and fullback Kristin "It's my ball and I'll do what I want" Liu '11.

Green had some trouble regaining balls in the rucks. However, once the ball was in Green's hands, the fans got to see some really effective plays by the newbies. Outside center Meg "Too many Meg's do not spoil the broth" Thorn '11 had an fantastic tackling game and really kept the ball alive in contact dishing off nice passes for inside center Sheila "but it's the first week of classes" Dunning '08 to burst through on the inside. The half closed with Black scoring once more making the score 0-10 Northeastern.

The second half with more tackling by the fearles Ladies in Green with Pastuck continung to get a lot of play on the outside and with lock Annie "It runs in my family" Jones '11 there to tackle clean up any breakaway attempts by the Lady Maddogs. Although the scrums went uncontested and not too many lineouts were had, the forwards maintained their cool the set pieces with the front row beign headed by props and tacklers extraordinaire Katie "Was told to never run with scissors as a child" Weston '10, Emily "Pajama pants can too double up as rugby shorts" Mason-Osann '11 and hooker Lakota "Woman of steel" Scott '11. Scrumhalf Ilda "Can't take the Boston out of me" Bajraktari '11 was always ready to pick up any loose balls off of the scrums and to tackle the Maddog scrumhalf" Green really felt the pressure the seconf half as Black continued penetrating through the gaps on the Green defense. Green played a really aggresive defensive game and although flyhalf Meghan "forward/back" Eagle '10 relieved some of the Northeastern offensive pressure by kicking down the field, the Lady maddogs was able to core several times more before the end of the match making the final score 0-30.


DWRC 12 vs. VASSAR 17
6 October 2007 - Poughkeepsie, NY
Game write-up by Corinne Headley '08
Dartmouth dominated the field during the game on Saturday, keeping strong possession of the ball, but missed key opportunities to make the tries, leading to a tough loss to Vassar College. In a haze of dust, dirt and strength-zapping heat Vassar made the first kickoff with Dartmouth giving a strong counterattack.

The Big Green's lineouts proved to be successful despite the formidable opposition by the lengthy, tall women of Vassar. However knock-ons by both teams resulted in several scrums, continually won by Dartmouth with good driving technique. When scrums to Vassar occurred, scrumhalf Julia "smacks-the-head" Jacobsen '08 was quick to put intense pressure on the opposing scrumhalf.

Dartmouth was awarded several penalty plays due to Vassar's dangerous tackling and with good quick taps getting the ball out to the back line, the spectators saw several good runs and passes by hooker Corinne "why is her name Coco?" Headley '08, inside center Mallory " bio-degradable" McQueen '09 and flyhalf Meghan "Can I call you Meagle?" McDavid '10.

Despite the good showing in the line outs and runs off the penalties on Vassar, Dartmouth had a hard time pressing forward on the field and kept being penalized in the rucks. Defensively Dartmouth was a little impatient in the first half. While Vassar did give Dartmouth time and space to make several trys the Ladies in Green were focused too much on the ball and not on where they were going to take it after it came free. Vassar did have to contend with some effective tackling by flanker Katherine " take out! -with an m" Minyety '08, outside center Parker "strawberry shortcake" Fagrelius '07, and Jacobsen.

Dartmouth did have some good communication in the mauls and Co-captain and prop Emily "but know" '08 Luscz stripped the ball quite efficiently in spite of the determined Vassar arms fighting for the ball. Water break was called due to the intense heat radiating on the field and play resumed to a nice recovery by Jacobsen off Vassar's lineout. Vassar attempted to up their kicking game but was met with good recovery on the part of fullback Caroline "Thursday's a you know what day" Cima '10. Unfortunately Vassar took the ball to Dartmouth's side of the field and after gaining substabtial yardage by their inside center, Vassar made the first try of the game. With no conversion the score stood at 0-5. For the remaining time Dartmouth tried to keep Vassar off their side of the field but the Brewer defense broke away to almost reach the tryline until Headley tackled the runner outside the touch line saving a try. There was time for a single penalty to Dartmouth, called before whistle was blown for half time.

After half time Dartmouth retaliated as Jacobsen penetrated Vassar's defense to score the first try for Dartmouth bringing the score to 5-5. Although the score would show that this was anybody's game, Green showed a much stronger game as Vassar continued to be penalized for not releasing the ball on a tackle. The Ladies in Green kept up their vertical attacking skills constantly absorbing a fair amount of forwards that Vassar sent in. Dartmouth's vertical attacking kept them in the game but it was a hard way to play as Dartmouth would have had an easier time scoring getting the ball out to the backs on the outside. With the Green defense a little clustered, Vassar broke through and scored again with no conversion making the score now 5-10. Dartmouth then turned right around with a beautiful 20 meter run wing Annie "I am not from Cali despite what my use of Hella says" Jones '11, who was making her first A-side appearance of the season. Jones then gave a pass off to the other speedy wing Rachel " cookies" Forman '09, who sprinted right through the posts with not a single Vassar jersey trailing, to score another try. The try was converted by Jones, putting Dartmouth ahead 12-10. Then despite several tackling attempts by Dartmouth, Vassar maneuvered around Dartmouth to score and converted bring the score to 12-17. Dartmouth tried to retaliate but could not seem to finish their launching plays and get the ball over the try line losing the long match to Vassar 12-17.


6 October 2007 - Poughkeepsie, NY
Game write-up by Corinne Headley '08
Though starting out with some strong scrums in which hooker Lakota "Good thing we count off" Scott '11 won several of the hooks, the Big Green had a hard time getting neat balls out to the back line. With Vassar in possession, however, Dartmouth formed a great wall of defense and upon retaining possession of the ball inside center Meg "It's always a good time to Karaoke" Thorn '11 had an awesome 25 meter run that put Green closer to Vassar's tryzone. The spectators saw some amazing tackles of what would have been breakaways, by wing Kristen "Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" Liu '11 and lock Autumn "Lay off those Foco Nuggets" Dunn '11. With a little too much clustering around the rucks and focusing on the ball and less on the Grey offense, Dartmouth left open space that Vassar used to score the first try bringing the score to 0-5. Once again against the fierce tackles by flyhalf Katie "Hitchhiking is my fulltime job" Cullinan '08 and outside center Shelia "Can play rugby barefoot" '08 Vassar pushes through and scores again but does not convert. The score is now 0-10 . The game was pushed back and forth on the field with Vassar and Dartmouth contesting equally in the lineouts and Dartmouth holding Vassar at the tryline until Kristen kicked the ball out for a lineout to Vassar relieving Vassar's offensive pressure and ending the first half of the game.

Green came out strong in the second half and you could really see heart going into the strong tackles that they were making. But with a scattered defense and slightly flat offensive lines Dartmouth was only edging their way to scoring while Vassar kept having several breakaway opportunities. Despite a nice tap down from flanker Elena "Can't wait until she can pull seniority" Martinez de Andino '11 in the green lineout, Vassar regained the ball and scored 0-15 but failed to convert. Vassar then kept the ball in the try zone later on while the Ladies in Green fought hard in the rucks and scrums and lineouts near their tryline to keep the Brewers from scoring. Vassar eventually made it across, however and scored 0-20. When Vassar tried the same maneuver the next time, trying to drive the ball in a maul over the try line Dartmouth refused to give them their prize, holding them at the try line where Vasssar was not awarded the try. The Big Green players showed good communication though they were tiring as the game was winding down to its end, but Vassar's number 9 had another good breakaway run to score. 0-25. Toward the end of the game we saw some excellent runs from Dartmouth and passing combos by wing Jaime "I always get the window" Smart '10 , 8-man Meghan"two games whoo!" McDavid '10, and Julia "let me! Let me!" Jacobsen '08. Regaining the ball from a lineout to Vassar, Dartmouths runners gained ground toward the Vassar tryline and McDavid made a try ending the game with a score of 5-25.


13 October 2007 - Brophy Field, Hanover, NH
Game write-up by Coach Deb Archambault '85
Dartmouth shifted into high gear at the mid-point of their season as they dominated Harvard in the second half of their match on a picture-perfect day on Brophy Field at the Corey Ford Rugby Clubhouse. At matches' end, scrumhalf Julia Jacobsen '08 came up with a hat trick for the Big Green, #8 Alysia Harris '08 had multiple assists and added two tries of her own, and #12 Mallory McQueen '09 (Capt) and #1 Amelia Alvarez '08 added their weekly quota of one try each. Annie Jones '11 debuted as Big Green #11 and place- kicker, striking the ball well but, having to attempt several kicks from difficult angles, converting only 2 of 7 attempts.

Harvard's first try came midway through the first half, the result of sloppy ball handling by Dartmouth as they assaulted the Harvard tryline. A very fast Crimson #13 recovered a baubled ball, breaking several close tackles as well as some open field tackles as she took an 85 meter run to the try zone. Harvard's second try came at the end of the first half, as they took advantage of missed tackles by DWRC's inside backs to punch one over the line.

Dartmouth had their work cut out for them, with Harvard leading 12-10 at the 40 minute mark. The DWRC rose to the challenge in the next forty with five un-answered tries.

Offensively, the lethal #8/9 combination of Harris and Jacobsen was showcased repeatedly in a strong vertical game for the DWRC. Dartmouth's backline, with Meghan (Eagle) McDavid '10 making her debut at #10, showed promise but were not able to open up the game and get the ball in the hands of explosive fullback Caroline Cima '10 and crafty wing Rachel Forman '09.

Defensive highlights included excellent poaching and tackling by Alvarez, good field position and aggressive pursuit by hooker Corinne Headley '08, and repeated repossession in the rucks by the Dartmouth forwards.

The win improves Dartmouth's fall record to 2-2, and keeps the DWRC in good shape for a New England playoff spot. More importantly, it highlights the improvements that the DWRC has achieved at a crucial point in their season.

Harvard was unable to field a second side. Several DWRC rookies saw playing time in the first side match.


DWRC 34 vs. YALE 5
20 October 2007 - Brophy Field, Hanover, NH
Game write-up by Coach Deb Archambault '85

For Homecoming Weekend, Yale agreed to make the trip to Hanover for the match that was originally scheduled to take place in New Haven. They played a hard-fought game on (another) beautiful fall day at Brophy Field, with the leaves blazing on Rip Road Ridge and the brilliant green turf sparkling after 2 inches of rain on Friday night, but when all was said and done the Yalies' strong set scrums and hard running were no match for the DWRC's aggressive tackling, explosive quick penalties, and signature vertical support game.

Once again spearheaded by the superb running of scrumhalf Julia Jacobsen '08 and #8 Alysia "Bama" Harris '08, the Big Green showed up with much-improved handling and tackling in the open field and much-improved defensive alignment, allowing the DWRC to open up their game while forcing Yale to repeatedly take the ball into contact.

At half the score stood at 24-0. Amelia Alvarez '08 touched the ball down first, the result of one of many quick taps taken on a Yale penalty. Jacobsen and Harris added the next two, taking on Yale right up the middle of the field with pick-and-jams and give-and-goes. #14 Rachel Forman '09 got some action after a great counter-attacking 65 meter run through many defenders. While she was stopped short of the tryline, a resulting knock-on by Yale ensued in a DWRC scrum in front of the posts, and a #8-9-14 combination play off the back of that scrum provided Forman her just reward of 5. First-year kicker converted two of the first half tries.

Second half saw a much more aggressive and determined Yale take the field. The DWRC had a brilliant eight-minute goal line stand, ending in a recovery of possession by Mallory McQueen '09 (Capt) during a grueling maul, followed by a clearing kick by #15 Caroline Cima '10. The kick did not find touch, and Yale countered with very aggressive running and crashing for several more minutes. Dartmouth got serious about their defensive organization and, with patience, communication, and relentless pressure, pushed Yale slowly down the pitch, finally forced a poor pass from the back of a Yale ruck. Harris picked off the pass and broke away down the middle. The Yale #15 made the tackle, but McQueen was there to receive the pass out of the tackle and take it into the try zone. The last DWRC try on the day was arguably the best - a full-field 15-person effort, both vertical and wide, resulting in Forman touching the ball down out wide. Both second half conversions were missed.

Yale's sole try came in the waning minutes of the game, as Dartmouth had a difficult time organizing their defense with the multiple substitutions made at the seventy minute mark.

Yale, like Radcliffe, was unable to field a second side. The DWRC B's are working hard in practice, and seeing game time as subs in the first fifteen, but still have two more games- this weekend and next.

Click here to see photos of the DWRC's homefield victory against Yale