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Tour 2007: Scotland

"Oh ye'll take the high road, and I'll take the low road, and I'll be in Scotland afore ye!" - Old Scots Song

March 15-26, 2007: View our itinerary.

Yes, that's right: the DWRC is trekking across the entire Atlantic Ocean to spend a blissful Spring Break in none other than Scotland! The land of kilts and tartan, bagpipes and haggis, Guinness and whiskey! From our home base in Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh, we will brave the elements of cold and rain for the sake of spring training. Although, cold and rain won't be the only challenges awaiting us: we will, of course, have to break through the language barrier, avoid the Highlanders, and finally prove the existence of Nessie. With the help of William Wallace (or we'll even settle for Mel Gibson), we will prevail!

(For more information about classic Scottish stereotypes, look here).

Game Summaries
Dartmouth 13 v. Aberdeen 5
Dartmouth 32 v. Stirling 5
Dartmouth 29 v. Strathclyde



Tour Itinerary

Thursday March 15
Bus leaves Hanover at 11:30 am for Newark
7:45pm non-stop flight to Edinburgh

Friday March 16
Arrive in Edinburgh 6:30 am. 
Bus picks us up for delivery to Castle Rock Hostel. 
Practice 11:30 to 2:00
Team meeting 5:30- 6:00 pm

Saturday March 17
Bus to Ayrshire- 10 am
Train in Ayrshire -12:00 – 2:30 pm
Watch Scotland-France game (3:30), England –Wales game (5:30)
Back to Edinburgh- 7:30 pm

Sunday March 18
AM- 10:00 to 12:00
PM 3:00- 5:30 pm

Monday March 19
Breakfast Team Meeting- 8:00 am
Possible game preparation practice- TBA (Re-starts, run-throughs)
Leave for Glasgow @ 3:00 pm
Site-see Glasgow- 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Strathclyde- 7:00 pm game/dinner
Leave Glasgow by 10:30 pm

Tuesday March 20
Training 10:00- 12:00
Bus leaves for Melrose @ 2:00 pm
3:00 pm- 6:00 pm Site-seeing in Melrose
6:30 – 8:00 Training session w/ Melrose
Dinner with Melrose
Leave Melrose by 10:00 pm

Wednesday March 21
8:00 am Breakfast Meeting at hostel
Bus leaves at 9:00 am for Stirling
10:30 Start warming up for Stirling Uni game
12 pm Game kickoff
2:00- 4:00 pm Lunch and social w/ Stirling Uni
4:00 pm- 6:30 pm Site-seeing in Stirling
6:30 pm – Back to Edinburgh

Thursday March 22
Training 9:00 to 12:00
Free afternoon and evening for Edinburgh
Friday March 23
Bus leaves @ 9:00 am for Aberdeen
Site-seeing on the way to Aberdeen (St. Andrews)
Check in to hostel
Training 6:00 - 8:00 pm at Aberdeen clubhouse
Meeting and greet at clubhouse w/ dinner
Back to hostel

Saturday March 24
Team meeting – game talk
10:30 am- leave hostel for Aberdeen clubhouse
11-12:30 warm-up for game
12:30 or 1 pm Kickoff- Aberdeen Quines game
After game- lunch with Quines at clubhouse
Watch men’s first fifteen game at clubhouse
Evening- dinner and social at Aberdeen clubhouse
Back to hostel

Sunday March 25
Travel day- To Inverness and back down to Edinburgh

Monday March 26
Bus leaves Castle Rock Hostel at 6:00 am
Arrive at Edinburgh airport by 6:20 am
Flight leaves 9:20 am Edinburgh, direct to Newark.
Continental Flight 0037
Arrive in Newark @ 12 pm
Bus to Hanover- pick up at 1:30 pm
Back to Hanover by 7:30 pm



Game Summaries

Strathclyde | Stirling | Aberdeen

Dartmouth 29 vs. Strathclyde 0

On Monday night, the DWRC had their first game since the end of the fall season, while on their spring break tour of Scotland. This evening the ladies in green, or soon-to-be muddy white, suited up against the local club side of Strathclyde, in a match which gave the DWRC opportunity to incorporate much of their team-defense and body positioning work from the earlier training sessions of the week. Needless to say, Coach Debra "D-bra" Archambault was all smiles.

The Dartmouth women started the game off right - as they kicked off from the 50m, fullback Parker "I'm back from outta town" Fagrelius chased down the ball, retaining it, allowing Dartmouth to win the first ruck of the game. After multiple phases, accompanied by a few turnovers from both sides, the DWRC quickly established its control on the field. Issy "I'm taking over" Anderson then dug the ball out of a ruck in Strathclyde's 22m, passing to flyhalf Kirsten "Jim Carrey" Ahrendt, who weaved her way through the first line of Strathclyde's defense and into the try-zone for the first try of the game. The kick was converted and Dartmouth was happy.

As the game continued, many of the Dartmouth ruggers showed that they had thoroughly enjoyed tackling practice the day before, as Fagrelius, Michelle "I'm a huuuge 2nd row" Dunn, and Lindsay "white water kayaker" Zahradka doggedly went from tackle to tackle, not even pausing for breath, to take down the rather large pack players of Strathclyde. 8-man Zahradka also enjoyed her running privileges from the new position, as she took advantage of an early 8-man pick-up for a 30 meter run on the blind side of a scrum. This set up the multiple phase-attack that consolidated Strathclyde's defense around the ball in their 22m. The DWRC backline took advantage of the space outside by running a looping play around outside-center Mallory "Francey fancy pants" McQueen, and passing out wide to wing Leila "Barcelona or Bust!" English for her to run in for the try. English's try was quickly followed by some fancy grub kicking from her partner in crime, McQueen, who grub kicked on a break she had in the middle of the field. The Dartmouth forwards followed in support, allowing 8-man Zahradka to pounce on the ball eventually for the third try of the game. Bringing the score to 17-0.

Strathclyde then slowly but surely moved their way down into Dartmouth territory, where the DWRC held together with dogged determination for a lengthy goal-line stand and multiple, extensively drawn-out mauls. Amelia "quietest sleeper ever" Alvarez and Onyi "I don't need my arms to tackle" Kanu found themselves thrown into the mix of many of the Strathclyde's offensive mauls, managing to hold the ball in multiple times leading to a plethora of scrums at Dartmouth's 5m line. Zahradka and fellow Siamese-twin Kate "man of the match" Cameron were resolute in their drive to not allow Strathclyde to score, miraculously saving a "near try" inches from the try line. Dartmouth then drove Strathclyde back in their own maul from the 10m to the 22m line, refusing to concede any more ground. Senior Morgan "be a good sport" Cole and Junior Katie "I love being tour director" Moerlein had decided they had had enough of this funny-business and opened up their Tackling stores; needless to say, business was good for them. This finally allowed flyhalf Ahrendt opportunity to kick the ball out of Dartmouth territory, where wing Rachel Forman speedily like a road-runner chased the ball down. She was met by her following Dartmouth support players, who further grub kicked the ball towards the try zone, where Mallory McQueen scored the final try before the half. Bringing the score to 22-0.

The second half of the match included similar individual tackling feats from many of the Dartmouth forwards. Cameron and Cole lead the charge refusing to take "maul" for an answer, and put the Strathclyde players on the ground. The DWRC had more lineout opportunities in the second half in which they could run such fabulous calls such as "Emily is Blonde"...needless to say, they were successful. Although we all surely missed the Air Force command line-out calls used by Assistant coach Pete "strangely resembles Mr. Clean" Peterson.

The DWRC backs, refusing to be left out of the fun, decided to play some more run-around rugby, or rather in Onyi's case, run-through-people rugby. Whether nimbly dancing through holes and finding looping support, or straight-arming their way down the field, the backs linked up with nice bursting from Onyi Kanu and Nanette "Oooh, I'm sore" Cedeno. Kanu eventually burst through the line, touching the ball down underneath the Strathclyde posts for her first try of the game, which Forman converted. Cedeno immediately followed moments later with a 60 meter run up the sideline after Dartmouth received the kickoff.

The game came to a conclusion with a flurry of tackles from Cameron and Dunn, and a fabulous looping play from inserting backs Fagrelius, Forman, Moerlein, and back to Fagrelius. The play will henceforth be called "hotness" and will be run at every offensive opportunity. Final Score - Dartmouth 29, Strathclyde 0. Final conclusion - Dartmouth actually does listen to Coach Deb at practices and looks pretty good after the long winter season indoors in Hanover.


Dartmouth 32 vs. Stirling 5

In Dartmouth's second game on tour, they encountered a much feistier and organized team in Stirling University. The DWRC continued to implement their work from practices into the game - working hard to recycle on defense, set up posts and guards around the rucks, and come up and attack quickly. While the team was beginning to feel fatigued from all of the hard work thus far in tour, they pulled together to find the energy needed to dominate the run of play and finish off Stirling quickly.

Dartmouth attacked early, with Katie "I get wittier every day" Moerlein turning defense into offense by taking the first tackle of the game off of the kick-off. The DWRC defense overwhelmed Stirling deep in their territory, creating mauls and turnovers in Dartmouth's favor. Lindsay "flying elbows" Zahradka had an early try attempt held up, but Dartmouth won back the ball moments later. DWRC forward Liz "looking for a Scottish boyfriend" Rexford took the ball into contact, setting a ruck, in which Issy "I don't do group showers" Anderson worked hard to dig the ball out, passing to Kirsten "best game writeup ever" Ahrendt, who cut back in on the Stirling defense to touch the ball down for the first try of the game.

In this half, the DWRC forwards did well to integrate into the backline, as flankers Zahradka and Kate "you took 6 because I always took 7" Cameron persistently followed in support of breakers, and 8-man Rexford integrated into the backline finding holes often. After multiple phases that brought the DWRC back into Stirling territory, Issy Anderson and Onyi Kanu spread the field quickly with fast hands, finding Rexford on the outside who beat the last Stirling player and scored the try. Leila "accents are my business and business is good" English converted the kick to make the score 12-0.

Dartmouth retained much of the rest of possession for the half; as Kirsten Ahrendt looked for field possession with kicks and Katie Moerlein and Rachel "wing in a scrumcap" Forman linked up for a 20meter run. Fullback Parker "Staph Infection" Fagrelius made a big-time tackle on the Stirling fullback into touch when she broke through the defense. And Issy Anderson made another tackle near the Dartmouth 1m line to regain possession of the ball. After finally clearing the ball from their defensive end, Morgan "my neck bruises easily" Cole decided to take over. As the prop took control on the outside and showed the Stirling wing who was boss, she steamed by multiple players to touch down for the try.

After the hooker's amazing try, the kickoff was received by Juliet "I didn't make out" Coffey, and after a fair bout of Dartmouth's famous run-around rugby, Zahradka broke through the defense and passed to Amelia "unnaturally loud" Alvarez, who scored Dartmouth's fourth try of the game.

By this time, Coach Deb "Glenfiddich" Archambault noticed that Stirling was playing one man down, so she sacrificed powerhouse Nanette "Montezuma's revenge" Cedeno to the other side, incurring bouts of trepidation in certain members of the green team. Following the switch, Dartmouth gained possession of the ball and came remarkably close to scoring another try before the halftime whistle; foiled only by a forward pass.|

In the second half, encouraged by words of wisdom by Coach Archambault, Dartmouth decided to try another shot at making run-around rugby work. Unfortunately, the Stirling girls had another plan: give the fastest girl on the field the ball. After a 50 meter run, she put Stirling on the board, bringing the score to 27-5. After the kickoff, Dartmouth quickly regained possession, and once inside the opponent's 22-meter mark, Cameron passed to Kanu, who thundered her way through the defense to score.

Incensed once again, the Green girls gave run-around rugby another shot, and produced several 6-7 phase plays before hearing a whistle. Dartmouth managed to keep possession for most of the remainder of the game, but no tries were scored on either side before the referee blew the whistle to signal Dartmouth's official victory, 32-5. Way to go, Green!



Dartmouth 13 vs. Aberdeen 5

In the Dartmouth Women's Rugby Club's final test of their 2007 Spring Tour in Scotland, the big Green took out all the stops to pull out the win in their most difficult match up of tour. As the DWRC took the field against their competitors, within the first 5 minutes a stark contrast appeared between the two sides. Nearly every member of the Aberdeen Women's club outweighed the lovely DWRC ruggers by a "hefty" amount, or as the Scots like to say, "a few stones" seemed as though we would have a present- day "David & Goliath" situation on our hands.

The DWRC took to the field with some new changes in their lineup, as Onyi "no, I will not sing for you" Kanu and Nanette "I only speak Bronx" Cedeno filled in at the outside center and wing positions, respectively, for our dearly missed Katie Moerlein and Leila English who left the team the day prior to begin their exchange programs in Prague and Barcelona! Good luck girls! The Aberdeen women took much of the momentum in the beginning of the first half, as they took advantage of their pack's size and attacked closely and frequently for multiple phases around the rucks, driving the DWRC backwards. Determination and good defense kept the Aberdeen women at bay, while the Dartmouth backline tried to find their rhythm and explosiveness. However, after multiple phases, the Aberdeen women utilized an overload on the outside within Dartmouth's 22m, and their fullback received the ball far on the outside, touching it down in the corner for the first score of the game.

This was the first time of tour the DWRC had found themselves losing in a match, and they handled it with nothing but composure and intensity. The DWRC regrouped and began hitting the holes of the Aberdeen backline with explosion. With 10 minutes left in the first half, and in the Aberdeen 22m, flyhalf Kirsten "American headband" Ahrendt received the ball from scrumhalf Issy "she's bossy!" Anderson, running through a hole in the centers. Wing Rachel "corn rows" Forman followed in support and took the ball close to the tryline. On the next phase, scrumhalf Issy "biggest baddest..." Anderson shot the ball out wide to hooker Morgan "I'm a responsible senior" Cole, who popped the ball up for Ahrendt on her outside, taking it in for the try. The kick was not converted, and score was 5-5 at the end of the first half.

The second half saw a continued and refreshed vigor in the DWRC as they further waged battle with the large women of Aberdeen. The women of Aberdeen came out strong in the pack, dominating many of the early scrums. But the Dartmouth backs had the taste of blood from their earlier try and decided they wanted more. Onyi "tower of fear" Kanu and Mallory "postcards galore" McQueen put the Aberdeen backs on their heels as they ran onto pop passes with speed and aggression, each having multiple breakaway 30m runs. After McQueen burst through the Aberdeen backline, Aberdeen started kicking heavily to Dartmouth's back three. But Parker "yee-haw!" Fagrelius foiled their kick for safety, running up field to give Dartmouth good position and set the next ruck. Dartmouth won the ball and passed out to wing Cedeno who weaved for another 10 meters. The supporting forwards worked hard to push back the Aberdeen ruckers, while scrumhalf Anderson found Kirsten Ahrendt who weaved her way through the defense and passed the ball to looping 8-man Liz "I won the bet" Rexford on the outside, who ran it in for the try - making the score 10-5.

The DWRC was rolling! They were feeding off each other's intensity and taking it to the bigger, scarier Aberdeen ruggers. But Aberdeen found energy reserves, and restarted their mauling style of rugby, driving deep into Dartmouth territory. Forwards Michelle "Filthy McNasty" Dunn and Meghan "stop playing for the other team" McDavid just said "no". They took on the hefty rushing props and dragged them down to the ground, while Juliet Coffey poached the ball and gained a 10 meter break

With less than 10 minutes remaining, Dartmouth marched down the field on a 50 meter break away from McQueen when she picked off an Aberdeen pass; followed by two Aberdeen penalties on high tackles. Ahrendt took advantage of the field position to kick for points on a penalty, making the score 13-5, and further disappointing the Aberdeen "Shire". The Aberdeen hooker then decided she wanted to run the ball, but as she took the corner, Dartmouth wing Rachel "eyebrow discoloration" Forman made the biggest hit of the game, putting the attacker on her back.

Aberdeen continued to surge forward with their last bits of energy. Ruck after ruck they moved deep into Dartmouth territory, until Fagrelius took a crasher down and Dunn leapt over to poach the ball. Issy dug the ball out and found Ahrendt on the outside with an open field in front of her. After a 40 meter break, she grubbed around the Aberdeen fullback. Rexford recovered the ball and continued to drive forward. Moments later the game ended and Dartmouth walked off the pitch UNDEFEATED IN SCOTLAND! Final score, Dartmouth 13 - Aberdeen 5. Dartmouth had handed Aberdeen their second loss of the season, and ended tour on a high note.