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Tour 2006: California
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Dartmouth 0 v. Berkeley 39
Dartmouth 0 v. UC Santa Barbara 49
Dartmouth 8 v. Claremont 7
Dartmouth 21 v. Santa Monica 7


Wednesday March 15
Bus to Manchester
Depart from Manchester
Arrive in Oakland
Stay in Berkeley

Thursday March 16
Rugby Camp @ Saint Mary's College of CA
Guest Coach Tim O'Brien with the St.Mary's team
Friday March 17 Rugby Camp @ Saint Mary's College of CA
Guest Coach Kathy Flores, U.S. Women's National Coach
Dinner at Abby's house!

Saturday March 18
Practice @ Saint Mary's College of CA
Super League game at Treasure Island - Golden Gate vs. Old Puget Sound Beach
Dinner at Gemma's house!

Sunday March 19
Play UC Berkeley on Treasure Island at the SF Golden Gate Club's Pitch - Kickoff @ noon
Social in the clubhouse after the game (Alums invited!)
Dinner at the Battle's house!

Monday March 20
Day off - travel down the coast
Visit Hearst Castle
Dinner at John Gleason '75's house!

Tuesday March 21
Drive to Santa Barbara
Practice on Storke Field next to UCSB campus
Play UCSB - Kickoff @ 3:00

Wednesday March 22
Drive to Claremont College
Practice at the Claremont field
Play Claremont - Kickoff @ 4:00
Dinner with the Claremont team

Thursday March 23
Practice on the beach in the AM!
Practice at UCLA in the PM - Guest Coach Scott Stewart

Friday March 24
Practice at UCLA - Guest Coach Scott Stewart
Dinner at the Beach Club

Saturday March 25
Play Santa Monica club team - Kickoff @ 11:00 - Mark Twain Middle School
Watch Santa Monica men's team (Division 1 National Champions 2005)
Club social at the Team Pub O'Brien's
Drive to Las Vegas

Sunday March 26
Day off in Las Vegas

Monday March 27
Depart from Las Vegas
Arrive in Manchester
Bus back to Hanover



Tour Journal
Rachel Forman '09
It’s not all that easy to block out our hooker’s rendition of “Holla Back Girl,” but when I manage to get past the static of the microphone and the fear that I may have to sing next, I can fully enjoy the beauty of the endless green hills beyond the bus windows. 

Sunny California provides drastic contrast to the biting cold of Hanover.  Although this past winter was disappointingly mild, it was enough to force DWRC practices into Leverone, and after months of dry stale air, rough turf and hard concrete, the lush fields of Treasure Island are like a dream.  Lacing up our cleats, we are ecstatic to at last run free outside.  We once again become immersed in the game we are learning to love with the team that we have grown to love – rugby and the DWRC. 

As a freshman, I have never experienced tour before, and it is an honor to travel with so many seasoned players.  Tour is an opportunity to become a more tightly knit group, both on and off the pitch.  The level of play is more than a step up from B-side; the pace is intense, the players skilled and strong.  This is our chance to learn about our teammates and it is a time for them to get to know us.  We will learn from wins and losses.  We will improve. 

It’s been a rough start for us east-coasters, facing California teams in the middle of their rugby season.  We are playing more than our fair share of defense, and as Deb voiced, it would be impossible to find 80 minutes of better tackling practice.  With each try by the opposition, however, we become more and more determined to score our own. 

As rookies we are young and still unsure of ourselves, but with every practice, every game, every moment spent with this team, we grow. 

Top Ten Tour Moments
Mallory McQueen '09
1. Staying in Berkeley. After being confined to tiny Hanover for months, it was nice to be out and about in a big city again! Streets bustling with students of all ages, and stores open past 8 pm! A plethora of restaurants to choose from, and Jamba Juice after each practice made this a great location to kick off tour.

2. Rules of Tour. We’ll all count our lucky stars that no new rules had to be made as a result of this year’s tour experience. The most important rule of all, of course, is “What goes on tour, stays on tour.” (The only exception being what appears in the newsletter, obviously.)

3. K-Flo. We had the extraordinary opportunity to have Kathy Flores, the U.S. Women’s Nationals coach, as a guest coach during one of our first practices. Our “new favorite coach” left us with plenty of new drills for our rugby repertoire.

4. Erin’s driving. Somehow, to everyone’s amazement, Erin’s minivan always was the last to show up at every venue. The best was when she made a wrong turn on the way to Treasure Island and wound up in San Francisco. Whoops.

5. Watching a Super League game. (Well, half of it, since my minivan got lost.) It was fantastic to get to see such a high caliber of rugby. It gave us a way to envision what we ourselves were trying to accomplish on the pitch. We had the added bonus of knowing a couple of the players (shout out to Chopper and Satch!).

6. Hearst Castle. We got a bit of rugby break as we traveled down the coast. We had a grand tour of Hearst Castle, which I think can best be summarized in the words of Abby: 'The trip to Hearst castle was pretty sweet. Once we realized the tour guide was a total dufus, a few of us hung back with the cool 'security' lady at the end of the pack. She described the juicy details about the estate and even let me try a grapefruit from one of Hearst's trees. At the end of the tour she planted a kiss on my cheek and commented, 'now aren't you just precious.' Not sure I'm that precious, but thanks cool tour lady!'

7. Scott Stewart. Another guest coach that we was kind enough to humor us on the rugby fields. (Actually, in this case, we were reduced to playing in the outfield of a softball field.) My favorite memory involved him demonstrating tackling on Deb. After taking her down hard, he hopped up and reached down to what looked like help her up, but just grabbed the ball instead.

8. Host dinners. While out on the West Coast, we were lucky enough to experience the generosity of a handful of Dartmouth-affiliated families, including Abby’s and Gemma’s, the Battles, and John Gleason ’75. The food was absolutely amazing, and we were grateful to fill up our bellies after such intense rugby.

9. Scott Stewart (again). One night we extended him the invitation to join us for dinner at a beach house. When we requested that he sing us a song, in true rugby tradition, he busted out with “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey. Excuse me, but what does that have to do with rugby?!

10. Las Vegas. While most of the team was too young to drink or gamble, we still managed to have our fun. You might even say the entire experience was as sweet as honey!