Spring Tour 2004

Canada: Results

The DWRC started off the spring season with a tour to the beautiful--and not that rainy-- Northwest.

After our team stretch (aka spectacle) in Manchester airport, we boarded the plane for Seattle. In three days in the city, we had the luxury of practicing on real grass and played one game against the Seattle Rugby Club. Despite our limited amount of previous practice and unfortunate small stature, we managed to put up a fight against the more experienced club team. After the game we congratulated ourselves on having lost by less than we have beaten some other teams. Player of the match Jen "makemyowndecisions" Obiapi '04 rucked like it was her job. Which in fact it was. Way to be, Jen.

We then crossed the border into Canada, without any fruit, and made our way to Vancouver. There we were hosted by the Meraloma Rugby Club. Ashley Massey '04, Emily Battle '05, Jackie Johnson '05, Johanna Willer '04, Kate Simon '04, and Annie "tinyheiny" Snider '04 played in Meraloma's b-side game and represented the DWRC well. (Apologies if I am forgetting anyone here.)

A ferry ride brought us to Vancouver Island. We spent several days in Victoria and played both the Velox and James Bay teams. The match against Velox introduced the DWRC to night rugby under the lights. Interesting depth perception issues resulted, but we overcame them to win 22-17. It was a forwards' game, and the Big Green Scrum dominated throughout both halves. Player of the match Ashley "shewantson" Massey '04 ran the ball well. Obiapi contributed 2 tries and one smackdown-style tackle that she may have borrowed from The Undertaker. Tries were also scored by Jackie "lightning" Johnson '05 and Johanna "mynosepiercingisreal" Willer '04.

The following day Battle, Obiapi, and Massey all played with U. Victoria in their match against Berkeley. Way to represent. But there was more rugby still to come. The DWRC played James Bay before returning to Seattle. It was a difficult first half, but we managed to restrain their speedy centers better in the second half, aided by kicks from player of the match Emily "goldenfoot" Battle '05.

Back in Seattle, we were treated to a wonderful salmon bake at the home of one of the members of the other DWRC. (The other "R" is for "Rowing.") on behalf of the entire team, thank you to the Ehrlichmans for inviting us over for such a delicious dinner!!

Coach Deb "bizzy" Archambault '85 ate so much she had to be carried out of the house and thrown into bed. As she passed out, she muttered something about key lime pie.**

Thanks to all who provided us with support and/or food. We couldn't do it without you!


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