Spring Tour 2003

California: Results

Between March 13th and March 25th, the Dartmouth Women's Rugby Club traveled to California for some fun in the sun and five games against the old west (new west?).
After a day of cross country travel, the DWRC happily greeted the grass in San Diego for a weekend tournament. The Champagne classic featured divisions of both club and college teams, and despite "one of the worst rainstorms of the season in San Diego" (the New England contingent required a commitee decision to see if it even WAS raining--Massey swore it was just Miller spitting), a good time was had by all.

The Big Green came out strong in the first of three games on Saturday, defeating the University of California at Davis by a score of 29-0 behind strong play from the forwards, including tries from 2nd row Lois Schonberger '03, flanker Amanda Behm '04, and 8-man Johanna "bunny" Willer '04. Good hands in the backline were also evident, as scrumhalf Catherine Dale '04 and center Diana "givemepandasorgivemedeath" Geisser '06 came up with the remaining tries.

Northern Arizona University was next on the table. Though the DWRC was a bit outsized, the teams played a fairly even game. Despite a try by an apparently phantom member of the Big Green, the Lumberjacks prevailed by a score of 7-5.

After a short break, the Big Green bounced right back for a game with the University of California at San Diego. Perhaps the home team must have had more energy or protein (or grass) or something, because they made very short work of the Dartmouth defense. I'm not really sure of the final score, but it was a lot to a very little, I can tell you that much. Still, the DWRC stepped it up after the break and held UCSD nearly scoreless in the second half.

After a few days in Venice Beach, where the members of the Big Green practiced at UCLA, played touch in the sand, enjoyed a terrific barbecue on the beach, had an outrigger canoeing adventure, and wondered exactly why they had chosen to go to school in a freezer, the bus headed up to the University of California at Santa Cruz. Now, in addition to having one of the best mascots in the country, the Banana Slugs have a gorgeous pitch overlooking the ocean. After one practice on the field, and a whole lot of picture taking, the DWRC took on a combined side of Banana Slugs (pretty cool, right?) and a Monterey club team.

Despite improvement in continuity and phase play as well as strong running by outside center Sonia Tarantolo '04, wing Megan "crabsandwich" Rast '06, and an impressive weak side try that passed through the hands of Dale, Willer, and hooker Jen Obiapi '04, Dartmouth couldn't quite get the best of team Nicer Weather, and the game ended in a tie.

That night, the DWRC headed up to the Bay Area for the final leg of the California tour. After some practice and fitness fun in the Berkeley sun, the Big Green faced off with Stanford in the hardest game of the tour. Stanford prevailed by a score of quite a bit (60 is the low end of the guesses) to 7, but the game was more positive than it sounds. Dartmouth showed marked improvement from the beginning of the trip and center Emily Battle '05 completed perhaps the best play of tour when she kicked deep into Stanford territory, chased the kick down, tackled the ball carrier, picked up the ball, eventually touched it down, and made the conversion. Fans and subs seemed a bit winded just from watching (much like you're probably winded from reading that sentence).

With its spring season off to a great start, the DWRC took on Vassar in Poughkeepsie Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the suspense--the update will follow, hopefully tomorrow. As always, please reply to this email if you either would like to be taken off this list or know someone who should be added.

Thanks so much to everyone who made tour such a success!


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