Spring 2006

Tour in California:
Dartmouth 0 vs UC Berkeley 39

With temperatures in the mid sixties, the sun shining upon a slightly muddied pitch on what was considered by Ken Berniker to be "a gorgeous day," the DWRC kicked off in the first match of its Sunny California Tour. The ladies in green started their offensive rush early in the game with Julia "cherry pick" Jacobsen and Diana "matchmaker" Geisser crashing at inside and outside center. Rucks and mauls were strong early on as the ladies surged up the pitch. Their passing practice from the days before payed off with continuity and few dropped balls early on. The wind however, aided the UCBerkeley club in halting the early DWRC attack as they kicked back to their offensive try zone where play would remain for much of the match's first half. That said, this match proved to be a defensive showcase for the Dartmouth squad. With the Bears knocking at the door of their try zone, Dartmouth's defense displayed teamwork and prevented the offense from penetrating the tryline on three separate occasions before the Bears finally found success by means of an overload scoring opportunity in the corner. And so was the story of the day. Thanks to open field tackling by Kirsten "Where can I buy a block of ice?" Ahrendt and Meg "um yeah" Rast, the Berkley club only found scoring opportunities on the outside after pounding the try zone for several minutes.

The DWRC entered the second half with a new focus of holding Berkeley to fewer phases and stronger support of the tackler in order to gain possession of the ball. As a result, the second half turned into a tackling "bonanza" with many a pounding blow dealt from the arms of Emily "Yeah, I'm from the Islands" Luscz and Nanette "running tower of fear" Cedeno. While the backline proved it has come full circle with a strong connection at the newly filled positions of scrumhalf, by Issy "I'm gonna punch you in the face" Anderson, and fly half, Rachel "etch-a-sketch(y) master" Forman, the forwards had a strong half with Captain Erin "my minivan is lost...again" Garnett and Alyssa "You're off the team!" Caballero running pick and jams and steadily moving the ball up meters at a time. With nine minutes left and following several warnings for foul play around the rucks, Mallory "yeah I can take you" McQueen was sin-binned for playing the ball on the ground. Overall, the team lacked the continuity necessary to spark 3rd and 4th phases and as a result were never able to put points on the board resulting in the final score of 0-39.

Alumni and parent support was also strong for the first match of tour. Particularly noteworthy were Stacy Davis '99 and her husband Oscar who furnished "a fruit and nut medley, clementines, cookies, and of course, bananas and peanut butter -for recovery." Also supporting in green were John and Nancy Kennedy, parents of Kelly Kennedy '05, Meg "I'm here for the free food" Verdeyen '03, Lois "I'm networking" Schonberger.