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Spring 2007 Game Summaries

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Dartmouth 0 vs Beantown B's 42
After an undefeated tour in Scotland, the DWRC was eager to come back to the States and crush the competiton. The spring season kicked off with the Big Green facing off against the Beantown B-Side in what would be a tough match for the Ladies in Green. Although we returned to Hanover with a loss, playing against a team with a much bigger forward pack provided the DWRC with some great preparation for the following week's match against Army, especially in mauling and rucking.

Dartmouth 7 vs Army 42
This past weekend Dartmouth Women's Rugby stepped on to the pitch once again, to face-off against Women's Army Rugby. Due to the influx of snow this past week, the Ladies in Green were honored to call Memorial Field, Darmouth Men's Football field, the pitch for the weekend - marking a milestone in DWRC, and Dartmouth history for that matter. The A-side also saw the debut of rookie Jenna "If We Have To Do One More Skit..." Cunningham '10 at inside center, whose strong running and quick feet continually helped Green gain some ground.

From the onset on the match, Green knew it would not be an easy win as they found themselves near the Green tryzone with intense pressure from the Army women. After a knock-on by Black, scrumhalf Issy Anderson '07 quickly passed the ball off from the set scrum to flyhalf Kirsten "Give Her Some Cheese And Crackers And She's Set" Ahrendt '07 who kicked for touch relieving a lot of the pressure near our tryzone. Despite some early tackles by wing Katherine "My Twin Got the Creative Genes" Minyety '08 and second row Michelle "Watch Your Back" Dunn '09, Army still managed to score twice within the first fifteen minutes of the game. With the score now 0-10 Army, the DWRC began applying greater defensive pressure and stronger driving on the set scrums, led by hookers Morgan "I Am Not A Prop" Cole '07 and Corinne Headley '08. Prop Amelia Alvarez '08 kept Army on its toes stealing one of their lineouts on our side of the fifty. Still Army's massive pack capitalized on their size and scored three more times, converting once before the half was over making the score now 0-27. Notable mentions that kept Army from scoring any more in the first half included tackles from flankers Kate Cameron '07 and Lindsay "I'd Get Paid to Workout" Zahradka '07 and outside center Mallory McQueen '09 as well as great rucking and support by prop Ollie Stalcup '10 and second row Emily "I Played Wing For Five Minutes!" Luscz '08.

In the second half, the DWRC definitely played a better defensive game. This defensive pressure led to a few Army knock-ons allowing the strong Green back line the opportunity to run some plays. Dartmouth began running harder onto the ball with the back three, consisting of wings Onyinye "The Spoon" Kanu '09 and Rachel Forman '09 as well as Fullback Parker Fagrelius '07, working on their counterattacking game. Black was able to break through the Green defense to score three more times before the 80 minutes were up. Still, the Ladies in Green were able to put some points up on the board from an 8-man-pick by 8-man Elizabeth Rexford '08 into the tryzone, which was converted by Kirsten Ahrendt '07 bringing the score up 7-42. Despite a rough start, the DWRC was able to hold its own- driving, mauling and rucking against players twice the size of most of the Big Green players.


DWRC B's 5 vs. Army B's 31
The second match saw a handful of the A-side players returning for round two of the day alongside the Dartmouth rookies. The match also saw the return of some familiar faces in the DWRC with a visit from Monique "I Never Thought I'd Live to See the Day..." Roy '00 leading the backs as flyhalf, Noelle "I Respond to Personal Blitzes" Knight '08 and Krystal "One Of The Many Perks" Elkins '08, integrated into the backline as wing and fullback respectively. Black managed to score early into the match off of a lineout but Army soon began feeling the pressure from the DWRC as forward rookies Mariel "Hockey Girl #1" Lacina '10, and Monica "Bruises Legitimize My Rugby Experience" Rodriguez '09 began laying out the Army girls with their tackles. The DWRC was determined to not let Black score again and so ensued the Big Green's tackling game with tackle after tackle from flanker Terese "It Hurts So Good" Hopper '07, hooker Corinne "I Guess I Should Have Said Something Sooner" Headley '08, and Elkins. Still, Black was able to break through the defense and try with a conversion making the score now 0-12 Army. Dartmouth saw some really quick ball handling, despite the relatively new backline which included Jenna "Hockey Girl #2" Cunningham '10, Nicole "Hockey Girl #3" Ruta '08 and eventually Lacina, all of whom exhibited some very strong running, gaining Green some ground.

Despite a handful of rookies making their first rugby appearance on the pitch ever, Green dispayed some very good hands and ball control when in contact. Older rookies stepped up their game even more with flanker Sandy "Has A Dance Studio in Her Room" Wong '10 winning several of Blacks lineouts. Although Lacina made an amazing interception of a Black ball near the Green tryzone, Black eventually drove its way into the tryzone for their last try of the match. The Ladies in Green were determined to put some points up on the board in this game as well and 8-man Meghan "Leads a Secret Life as an Impersonator" McDavid '10 saw the space on the outside running nearly 50 meters for the final try of the game, with the rest of her team in full support.


Ivy League Tournament
This past weekend, the DWRC traveled to the lovely town of Portsmouth, RI for the 39th Annual Ivy League Tournament. We had high hopes that this would be the year the DWRC would reclaim its traditional title of Ivy League Champions; however, the DWRC was unable to beat powerhouse Yale for a chance at the final game, although we came painfully close. Still, the Ladies in Green walked away with their heads held high and third place in the Tournament after a weekend of playing some great rugby.

DWRC 24 vs. Cornell 7
The first match of the tournament was against Cornell. In this color battle, the Ladies in Green were determined to show the Big Red that the DWRC would give them and every other team in the tournament a run for their money.

The match opened up with a series of penalties to both teams, hindering the continuous game that Green was trying to play. Cornell also scored early off of a breakaway and converted. Seeing the score 0-7 Cornell, the DWRC refocused their energies on playing smart rugby, evident through Green's great body positioning on the wall of defense and great pressure from outside center Mallory "Will McGrody Ever Make a Comeback?" McQueen '09 and the rest of the backline. Flanker Lindsay "Brings Her Own Fans" Zahradka '07 heightened the level of play with her strong offensive runs and defense on the lineouts, stealing Red ball several times throughout the match.

Green's first try of the game was a result of great decision-making by inside center Jenna "She Even Sleeps Hockey" Cunningham '10 who made a terrific pass to flyhalf Kirsten "Business is Good" Ahrendt '07 for the try, which was converted. Cornell continued feeling the pressure and as a result continued getting penalized, something on which Green capitalized. Ahrendt scored once more ending the first half but not before second row and jumper Michelle "Can Properly Prop Any Day" Dunn '09 continued to get both Green and Red balls in the lineouts. The score was now 12-7.

The second half consisted of more great runs and good ball handling by Zahradka and wing Rachel "Makes Great T-Shirts" Forman '09, who had some great tackles in this game. Since Red's first and only try was scored after Green failed to tackle, the DWRC focused on their tackling game with notable tackles from second row Terese "Bust a Move on the Field" Hopper '07, Nicole "Messhole" Ruta '08, scrumhalf Issy "Our Own Personal Roadmap" Anderson '07, and prop Amelia "My Shorts Weren't That Tight..." Alvarez '08. 8-Man Elizabeth "Forget Her Not" Rexford '08 had a great 25 meter run, passing the ball off to Cunningham, who scored the last two tries of the game, one of which was converted by Ahrendt.

DWRC 17 vs. Yale 22
After a close match against Yale last fall, the DWRC was ready to show Yale that Green's heart could outmatch the size of the Yale forwards. Prop Onyinye "You Can't Prove That's Me In The Video" Kanu '09 caught the kickoff ball and immediately started to plow through the Yale forwards. Although Green's body positioning was off sometimes, it was clear from the onset of the game that Green wanted to play "15 as 1" with the forwards integrating into the backline in a fabulous continuous play from flyhalf Kirsten Ahrendt '07 to prop Amelia Alvarez '08 to 8-Man Elizabeth Rexford '08. Wing Rachel Forman '09 exhibited some great poaching skills, which in turn got the ball out quick from rucks. Inside center Jenna Cunningham '10 scored the first try of the game bringing up Green's energy level. Soon after, outside center Mallory McQueen '09 scored the second try of the game off of a pass from Cunningham. Yale seemed somewhat flustered at first getting penalty after penalty and allowing Green to advance further into their 22. The whole forward pack held their own, despite the considerable weight difference and the new hooking of Olivia "Naturally Born Hooker" Stalcup '10, refusing to let themselves get driven by the Bulldog pack. Following a lineout near Yale's tryline, flanker Michelle Dunn '09 got the ball out quick to the backline resulting in another try by Ahrendt. However, the first half would come to an end with a Yale try and the score now 17-7.

The Green Ruggers were determined to focus on their defensive game on the second half to prevent Yale from scoring any more tries. Dunn had a big tackle off a lineout and wing Rachel Forman '09 saved a try from Yale by tackling near the Green tryzone. Still, Yale scored once again, this time not converting. Green stopped another Yale breakaway with our tackling game and the aggressive defense of the back three, headed by fullback Parker Fagrelius '07 and Mariel Lacina '10 at the other wing. It seems that as Yale began shifting their game into a forward's game, Green began to lose focus and Yale also began to implement more of a kicking game. Yale scored twice, the first try coming after they drove their set scrum 7 meters into the Green tryline. Although no more tries were produced from Green, the DWRC prevented any more Yale tries with some awesome tackles from Ahrendt and scrumhalf Issy Anderson '07 as well as one from Fagrelius on a breakaway.

DWRC 38 vs Radcliffe 0

Now officially out of the running for Ivy League Champion, the DWRC did not let down in an attempt to beat our traditional rival Radcliffe for third place. The torrential downpour did nothing to hinder Green's game. Scrumhalf Issy Anderson '07 set the tone for the game with her great delivery of the ball off of rucks and set pieces despite the very muddy conditions. Wing Rachel Forman '09 scored the first try early on showing Radcliffe that Green was prepared to fight for the win. Forman eventually scored another try before the clock struck zero. Overall smart playing by flankers Michelle "That's Because She Is In Every Ruck" Dunn '09, who was amazing in lineouts, and Katherine "It's Katherine" Minyety '08, who delivered loose balls around the set scrums, continuously gained more possession for the Big Green. Hooker Olivia "Totally a Self Call" Stalcup '10 played a great game, at one point squashing the Radcliffe scrumhalf as she was trying to pass the ball out from the back of a ruck. The entire back lined played beautifully, constantly getting the ball out into space. Inside center Jenna "The Grinder" Cunningham '10 scored two of the game's tries and had amazing passes and great support. The ball moved through the backline with outside center Mallory "I Only Practice Interceptions" McQueen '09 and Cunningham bursting through for the pass and eventually scoring a try, respectively. When it seemed that the Harvard Ladies would finally put some points on the board from a breakaway, fullback Parker "Could Easily Eat a 12-Ounce Steak" Fagrelius '07 shifted into full gear with an amazing tackle to prevent the Ladies in Maroon from scoring.

One of the highlights of the game resulted in a try on the outside by wing Mariel "Yeah I'll tell you where Wyoming Is...?" Lacina '10. Flyhalf Kirsten "Talks To Her Sushi" Ahrendt '07 received a pass off of a lineout on the 15 meter mark, passed to Cunningham, who passed to McQueen, who then passed back to Ahrendt then out wide to Lacina. The second half saw some notable plays by second rows Meghan McDavid '10, always in great position, and Emily Luscz '08, who stepped it up this past weekend as lineout thrower. There was also great running and rucking by outside center Nicole "Eh?" Ruta '08 and rucking by flanker Sandy "Sassy" Wong '10. Forward's Captain and second row extraordinaire Terese "Have You Seen Her Stretches?" Hopper made tremendous contributions in the lineouts, catching Radcliffe off guard in the throws to one. The final try of the game came from none other than prop Amelia "Peg Leg" Alvarez '08 after capitalizing on a strong drive in a ruck by Anderson near the tryzone.


D-1 Tournament

DWRC 20 vs. Boston College 0
In the first game, the DWRC came head-to-head with the Boston College Eagles. Although it was clear from the onset that Green would be dominating this game, the Green ruggers still had trouble reading the field during the first few minutes of the game, preventing the ball from making its way to the outside. As soon as the Ladies in Green began to focus, they started to run the ball out wide. The back three ran an effective counterattack which resulted in a 30-meter run and try by fullback Mariel "Sunbathes When Not in the Rink" Lacina '10, which was not converted. Flanker Elizabeth "Will Own Hybrid Cars Some Day" Rexford '08 continued the intensity brought on by the first try, making a 20-meter run after catching the kickoff ball. Prop Amelia "She'll Do All the Driving" Alvarez '08 had some smart plays keeping the ball in control while plowing through the Eagle's defense. Finally the ball made its way to the outside producing a try by second row Emily Luscz '08 off of a pass from flyhalf Kirsten "Let's Play Craaaazy" Ahrendt '07. The majority of the game took place on Boston's side of the fifty and Green continued to crash through Boston's defense to draw in more defenders in the rucks and mauls. Outside center Mallory "English" McQueen '09 got the ball out wide and although the initial play did not result in a try, it allowed the rest of the Green offense to align following a set scrum at Boston's 5 meter. Ahrendt then made her way through the Eagle defense with her hard running resulting in another try. At the half the score was 15-0 Dartmouth.

Parker Fagrelius '07 had a great game in the centers with great support and looping of the rest of the backs. Wing Rachel "Owns Tons of Math Related T-shirts" Forman '09 also had some great plays in the counterattacks creating space and making ground for the DWRC. The first lineout of the game came at the beginning of the second half in which second row Terese "Vanilla Ice's Successor" Hopper '07 drove through Boston's forwards after getting the ball. Scrumhalf Issy Anderson '07 put tremendous pressure on the Eagle's scrumhalf on defense. On offense she delivered the ball out quick to Ahrendt who scored the last try of the game for a final score of 20-0. Green continued playing a great defensive game to prevent Boston from trying. Prop Onyinye "She'll Pencil You In" Kanu '09 had some excellent ball control allowing for clean balls out of rucks. Flanker Hayleigh Herchenbach picked up loose balls and continued to advance Green closer to the Boston tryline. After yet another well executed counterattack by Lacina and Forman off of a Boston lineout, the ball made its way into the hands of 8-man Meghan McDavid '10 who took the ball up field and almost scored what would have been Dartmouth's fifth try of the game.

DWRC 19 vs. Northeastern 0
The Big Green faced the Lady Maddogs in their second game of the day. The Big Green ruggers knew they'd have to play an aggressive offensive and defensive game, having played against Northeastern last fall for a spot in the NRU playoffs. 8-Man Meghan McDavid '10 immediately set the tone for the game delivering the ball out to the strong side. Wing Rachel Forman '09 made an amazing 30-meter run early on in the game advancing Green closer to Northeastern's try zone. Although Red soon made its way to the Green 22, the DWRC put tremendous defensive pressure and hooker Olivia "The Shark" Stalcup '10 took Red to the ground on the tackles, preventing a Red try. Inside center Julia "Sure Is Good To Be Back" Jacobsen '08 conserved Green's space taking the ball in through defensive holes. Capitalizing on a penalty to Red, scrumhalf Issy Anderson '07 ran through the defense scoring the first try of the game, which was converted by flyhalf Kirsten "Paper Plates Are Appropriate Workout Attire"Ahrendt '07.

The second half started off strong with a try from prop Onyinye Kanu '09, who had great decision making in seeing the space that the Lady Maddogs' defense was creating. Green forwards had great lineouts and strong set scrum drives the entire game getting the ball out to the flyhalf and eventually to the rest of the backs. The final try of the game came from Ahrendt who dummied and then capitalized on the space she created. The game ended 19-0 Dartmouth.

DWRC 0 vs. Yale 11
After last weekend's close loss to the Yale WRC, Dartmouth was once again eager to have a rematch against the tough Lady Bulldogs. Green's game plan consisted of quick passing to the outside and a continuous game avoiding the mammoth Yale forwards and keeping the ball alive. Yale eventually received a penalty near the Green 22 and decided to kick for points putting the first points of the game on the board. Second row Terese Hopper '07 held her own against the Yale forwards tackling the Ladies in Blue to the ground. Dartmouth's defensive game went into full gear as Yale received another penalty on the Green 10-meter mark and the DWRC was able to prevent Yale from scoring before the half was over.

This time Green would not let the Yale forwards dominate in the set scrums, despite the relatively small size of the Dartmouth forwards. The DWRC ruggers not only drove on their own put in, maintaining possession of the ball, but also won a good number of the Yale set scrums as well. 8-man Elizabeth Rexford '08 made an 8-man pick near the 50. Yale eventually won the ball back dishing it out to one of their wings who scored on the outside. Wing Mariel Lacina '10 continued on strong ready and in position for the Yale kicks and putting the ball back into Green hands. Although Dartmouth worked hard to gain possession after scrums, Yale used their size and good body positioning to blow green off the ball. Yale received a penalty, deciding once again to kick for points ending the game 0-11 Yale.


DWRC 73 vs. University of New Hampshire 0
The Big Green started the game on Saturday with a kickoff from UNH received by Lindsay "your #8 is ca-razy!" Zahradka '07 who took the ball up field 30 yards before being tackled out. Green remained in possession with a great 8-man pick up from Zahradka. Bringing the ball to Dartmouth, UNH met strong opposition with nice tackles from inside center Jenna "same spot" Cunningham '10, who made the first try of the game with an assist from scrumhalf Issy "Izzy" Anderson '07. At the kickoff from UNH, flanker Kate "the engineering building loves me" Cameron '07 picked up the ball, taking it ten meters before passing it off to fullback Parker "I don't do diets" Fagrelius '07, who made a sweet pass to wing Rachel "anyone want to go to the climbing gym?" Forman '09. When hooker Ollie "she wants to be equipment manager?" Stalcup '10 received the ball, she took it into fierce contact gaining more yards towards the try line. Wing Mariel "Hemingway" Lacina '10 received a pass from flanker Katherine "uses aim expressions for normal dialog" Minyety '08 who then looped and scored an awesome try bringing the score to 10-0. When receiving the kicks from Blue, Zahradka was always in great position to catch the ball and continue playing it up field. With the opposing team in possession of the ball, Green kept up a strong defense with sweet tackles from second rows Michelle "get 'er" Dunn '09 and Tayray "not just a pretty face" Hopper '07. The backs kept up a continuous game, getting the ball to the outside and making solid passes bring the ball closer to the try line. At the 5 meter line, there was a scrum where Elizabeth "unforgettable" Rexford '08 had an 8-man pick resulting in a try from Forman bringing the score to 15-0. Blue refocused their defensive play and came up quickly after kicking to Dartmouth prompting flyhalf Kirsten "pretty princess" Ahrendt '07 to kick to clear, relieving offensive pressure. After the forwards successfully drove the Blue scrum off the ball, Anderson got the ball out to Cunningham who made a 20 meter run and then passed out to Lacina to score another try bringing the score to 20-0. The backs, keeping up their heightened level of play, took the ball out wide to outside center Mallory McQueen '09, who scored on the outside bringing the score to 25-0. From the following kick from the UNH Wildcats, Hopper caught the ball and passed to Cameron who took the ball up field a whopping 50 meters. Ahrendt got the ball and passed to McQueen. Prop Emily "bakes really good cookies" Luscz '08 was in great support and attempted to score another try but the ball was held up. A 5-meter scrum followed where the ball was passed to Fagrelius who then scored another try putting the score at 32-0, after being converted by Ahrendt. Again, Zahradka caught the ball kicked from the 'Cats, but in the following play up the field the ball was passed forward, resulting in a scrum to Blue. Thanks to quick thinking Cunningham kicked, chased her own ball and made the tackle. After the ball was regained by Green, Ahrendt scored and converted bringing the score to 39-0. In the following offensive by the Wildcats, Dartmouth stepped up its defense once again as Lacina made a tackle on a breakaway preventing a try inches from our try zone.

The half time and the considerable lead did nothing to hamper Dartmouth's excellent continuity and relentlessness during play as Forman scored and converted bringing the score to 46-0. Blue gave a solid kickoff return, which led Cunningham to kick to relieve offensive pressure. Forman, McQueen, and Jacobsen maintained a good continuous play. Meli "I got bangs!" Alvarez '08 broke through Blue defense gaining Green some ground, which allowed Cunningham to score with assist by Forman and Stalcup, upping the score to 51-0. During the last half of the game, the crowd watched some great tackles by Hayleigh "don't be fooled by the rocks that I got..." Herchenbach '04 and Fagrelius. Cunningham ran 40 meters, kicked, and picked up her ball to score another try, converted by Ahrendt, which brought the score to 56-0. Corinne "I go both ways" Headley '08 made some great tackles while playing for the other team, making some ground for Blue. Dartmouth recovered the ball getting it out to Meghan "my mommy's watching!" McDavid '10 who made a try, bring the score to 61-0. Headley made another run against Dartmouth gaining 15 meters for the 'Cats. Alvarez had some sweet rucking while Forman had great hands and Jacobsen had good ball delivery off rucks and set pieces in the last half of the game. McQueen scored and Ahrendt converted bringing the score to 68-0. Jenna continued to make good tackles, Alvarez was scrappy and Fagrelius and Forman persisted with maintaining awesome continuity in the back line. As the game neared its end Herchenbach made a try leaving the final score at 73-0.