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Fall 2006 Game Summaries

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The first match of the DWRC's 2006 season opened with high intensity and great scoring runs by the Dartmouth women. 8-man Nanette "Mack Truck" Cedeno '09 scored 2 early tries with her successful picks, while flyhalf Kirsten "Jackson's Special Friend" Ahrendt '07 had success dodging most of the Norwich backline to land her try between the uprights, and subsequently put two more points on the scoreboard for Dartmouth with a successful conversion kick. Inside backs Rachel "Leila" Forman '09 and Mallory "Grody McBlimperson" McQueen '09 ran several successful 2-3 switches early in the match as well, while Ahrendt's fabulously well-placed kicks kept Norwich on their heels.

Midway through the first 30-minute half, however, Dartmouth seemed to tire. Difficulties continued through the majority of the second half as back-line defense forced rookie wing Hayleigh "Fast-Track" Herchenbach '04 to make several play-stopping tackles. DWRC forwards suffered through many slow mauls and even more collapsed scrums as the second half wore on. Although Dartmouth was leading 17-0 at halftime, Norwich made up the three tries but failed to convert, having the post-hitting skills of Leila "Rugby Unity" English '09.

Although the match was plagued by several play-stopping injuries, including a handful of concussions, the worst hit of the day came late in the second half when Marisa "Team Vicodin Pusher" Taney '09 suffered an awkward tackle that resulted in an ER room visit, above the elbow cast, and a dozen hits of morphine for her fractured wrist.

Despite strong support for the Norwich players by their sideline crowds, the Dartmouth team was able to regroup and encourage each other on the field late in the second half. The last six minutes of the game saw a marked change on the part of the Big Green's ruggers as they emerged from a post-injury huddle with guns blazing. Despite most of the team feeling like roadkill hit by a steamroller, team captains as well as Coach Kris "Blitz Motivator" Morris helped inspire the team to play ovaries-out for the remainder of the match. Alysia "WhamBamaLam" Harris '08 gained great yardage for the Dartmouth team with her 30-meter-plus runs from eight-man picks deep in Norwich territory, and helped hold the score to 17-15 for a Dartmouth win.

DWRC 52 vs UNH 7
Although a difficult first match maimed much of the Dartmouth team, enough ruggers remained standing to start Saturday's game with an even 15 players. UNH presented an inexperienced team and an aromatic field for a hot midday game.

The first 30-minute half saw Dartmouth playing at a sub-par level, even considering our low numbers and exhausted bodies. Early tries were scored by Nanette "Stompin' Bitches and Takin' Names" Cedeno '09 and Kirsten "Still Making Out With Jacks" Ahrendt '07 against the rookie UNH squad, but incorrect body preparation and body position in contact caused the DWRC players to produce painfully slow-moving mauls and unproductive rucks. As the match wore on, extensive groin injuries slowed down much of the Dartmouth team, and, without Katherine "Sunshine Is Not My Middle Name" Minyety '08 due to a neck impact injury, the 14-player DWRC rallied to score fantastic tries in the second half. Cedeno scored twice more to complete her match hat trick, while Ahrendt added another try to the board. Continuity rather than phase play allowed power forwards Julia "Chafe Scars" Jacobson '08 and Alysia "Hater of the Day" Harris '08 to score one try each, and a left-side run from Rachel "Boggling Robot" Forman '09 totaled 8 tries for the DWRC. The combined effort of Forman and Ahrendt produced another 12 points through try conversions.

A borrowed player from the UNH side joined the walking dead that was the Dartmouth team to finish the second half. Dartmouth players rallied their exhausted selves to overcome stagnant movement into contact and flat back lines through the end of the match. Special notice goes to the propping of Juliet "Baby Neck" Coffey '09, tackling by rookie Tweet "Badass" Hoang '07, supporting runs from Katie "Monkey Tackler" Cullinan '08, and all-around excellence on the part of Hayleigh "Sheer Socks" Herchenbach '04.


This past weekend saw the women's rugby team boarding a lusciously comfortable Dartmouth coach and heading for the annual Beantown Women's Collegiate Rugby Tournament. Held at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst athletic fields, the tournament featured 34 teams from 29 colleges. Dartmouth fought hard in the Division I play and posted a 2-1 weekend record, though Army eventually won the final match in the division (against Pennsylvania State). Dartmouth had an up-and-down weekend, but played with good hands and heart overall.

Playing a non-league game against a league opponent was an interesting experience for the Dartmouth women, but their quick hands and good inside running allowed the Big Green to gain a large W over UConn in the Saturday morning game. You may not have noticed Juliet "JC" Coffey '09 on the pitch, as she is usually buried in the heart of Dartmouth scrums and rucks, but she posted a breakout performance in the number 9 jersey this weekend. Ollie "Thick Like Cornbread" Stalcup '10, playing in the prop position, made her first rugby match a memorable one from the front row.

Although Dartmouth had difficulty moving the ball to space on the outside of the field, the team was able to score numerous tries with inside plays, forward crashes, and incredible trailing runs that created a great continuity game. Nanette "Back from the Pack" Cedeno '09 made fabulous runs to post the first try in each of the two 22-minute halves, and power forward TayRay "Facial Chafe" Hopper '07 also chalked up 5 points each half for the Big Green.

Welcoming #12 Katie "Deck Hand" Moerlin '08 back for her first match of the season, the inside backs ran effective switch plays as #13 Mallory "My Boyfriend is Out of Town" McQueen '09 put another first-half try on the board. Good tackles from flanker Hayleigh "Not Just Crosswords, Logic Puzzles" Herchenbach '04 and hits from wing Katie "Tackle Police" Cullinan '08 allowed the quick feet of Julia "Listmassuh" Jacobson '08 to score her second half try. Conversion kicks were taken primarily by the very talented flyhalf Kirsten "I Make the Shorts Tan Look Good" Ahrendt '07.

After a delightfully long lunch and naptime, the DWRC returned to the Amherst pitch to take on Navy in a late afternoon match-up. Although the Dartmouth team hungered for a win, the skillful and disciplined play of the Annapolis women allowed them eventual triumph.

Early Dartmouth efforts to hold Navy off the try line were spoiled midway though the first half as Navy scored the first of their 3 tries. Poor rucking on the part of the Big Green allowed strong attacks from Navy, which were not stopped by the Dartmouth defense. Though Dartmouth had the strength of Krystal "I pack light" Elkins '08 at 8-man, scrumhalf Juliet "Makes This Neck Brace Look Sexy" Coffey '09 had difficulty clearing the ball from contact.

Poor body preparation for tackles led to many "bear hugs" and rather embarrassing missed hits; each Navy try resulted from shoddy open-field tackles. A highlight of the match was try-preventing skills of Kirsten "Dangerous Player" Ahrendt '07, whose recovery sprint and ensuing tackle on our 3-meter line stopped the Naval onslaught.

Contact was dominated by the low body position and effective strength of Navy, forcing Dartmouth to over-commit forwards to every ruck on the pitch. The back line had difficulty capitalizing on offense as Navy's defensive overloads and good positioning presented a solid wall against the green-and-white backs. Although Navy committed many penalties over the course of the match, Dartmouth was unable to exploit these errors, and was eliminated from regulation tournament play.

After a restful night's sleep, the DWRC awoke Sunday to take on Yale in a midday 50-minute game. The Big Green overcame Yale's early success with incredible heart and went on to play their best match of the weekend.

The beginning of the match showed the size and skill of the Bulldogs; Dartmouth's loss of the ball in contact, as a result of poor decision-making and incompletely driven rucks, gave Yale the initial advantage in the form of a try and successful conversion. The DWRC slowly came back against the skilled hooking and aggressive tackling of their Ivy-League opponents, as Kirsten "Superstar" Ahrendt '07 put 5 points on the scoreboard in the final seconds of the first half.

The Dartmouth women took to the pitch in the second half with the determination not only to be skilled and fit but also to have the heart to demolish Yale's hopes of victory. Although Yale looped to gain offensive overloads and used the strength of their fullback's foot, the Dartmouth back three adjusted to her kicks while inside center Katie "I'll be at the gym" Moerlin '08 stuffed the Yale back line. Second-row rookie rugger Meghan "Little for a Lock" McDavid '10 also stood her ground against the powerfully large Yale pack. Standout Morgan "I Meet My Men at Boat Races" Cole '07 had a fantastic game for the Dartmouth side, and allowed Ahrendt to score again 10 minutes into the second half. The game's successful conversion was from Leila "Rachel" English '09.

Dartmouth had difficulty throughout the match on line-outs; we did not contest or drive properly on defense, though continual offensive use of the throw to position 1 successfully produced the ball for the green-and-white backs. Dartmouth entered rucks high and did not consolidate them well, but number 9 Juliet "I Just Look, I Don't Touch" Coffey '09 maintained the ability to produce clean balls.

A kick-and-chase opportunity for Dartmouth and the return kick from the Yale winger set up Rachel "Jukey Moves" Forman '09 for her incredible 30-meter zigzag run and ensuing try. The game finished with good rucking from forwards Alysia "Captain O" Harris '08 and Michelle "Twizzlers are Fat Free" Dunn '09. Both outside center Mallory "Facebook Poker" McQueen '09 and Julia "Who Needs Deodorant When You Smell This Good?" Jacobson '08 used their quick feet for successful inside runs. A final-minute standoff deep in Dartmouth territory was held off by good team decision-making to finalize the score at 17-7

Written by Leila English '09
It was a blustery fall Saturday that dawned for the first league match of the DWRC's fall 2006 season. The Dartmouth girls kindly welcomed two sides from the University of Connecticut to the Corey Ford clubhouse before proceeding to ruthlessly hammer them on the pitch. While the B-side match marked the debut of several of Dartmouth's future finest, the first-team victory of Dartmouth's current finest placed the school first in New England Division I league standings.

Of special note in the A-side game was the breakout performance of one of our fastest rookies. Though the DWRC already knows her crazy ways, we are still pleased to welcome our newest A-side player: Caroline "I Don't Brake For Animals" Cima '10. Cima (CHEE-ma), as she's known on the field, has arrived in the rugby world. A natural athlete with quick feet, long legs, and crafty hands, Caroline has been running well from the wing position and is very skilled at collecting loose balls. Watch her score on the outside of the field whenever she receives the ball.

Although the DWRC began the day with a slow start, Dartmouth quickly checked in to the match and dynamically increased the game pace. Individual determination and fifteen-person continuity allowed the Dartmouth team to have success in open-field play that led to big scores at the field's width. The backs had a fantastic first half as clean balls from rucks and mauls set up inside cuts and outside break-a-ways. We were happy to have scrumhalf Issy "I'm Sorry to Say This, But I Was a Very Adorable Baby" Anderson '07 back from a two-week ankle injury, and her tackling of the opposing scrumhalf as well as charging their flyhalf kicker contained the UConn 9 and 10 well.

The rainy conditions caused difficulty for the UConn backs as many passes were missed and the ball lost at players' feet, and Michelle "First Twizzlers, Then Whipped Cream" Dunn '09 led the Big Green forwards to consolidate loose balls. The first points of the game came at the 15-minute mark as the good faking and intelligent running of flyhalf Kirsten "Too Fast for Myself" Ahrendt '07 off the scrum led her to set up rookie Caroline "I've Already Had 13" Cima '10 for the outside try.

Although body positioning in rucking was still problematically high, exciting Dartmouth line-outs saw TayRay "I Overslept... Through My 2" Hopper '07 at the heart of strong driving mauls. Lock Meghan "Fly Like an Eagle" McDavid '10 jumped especially well, snagging both Dartmouth and UConn throws.

Wing Rachel "What Do You Mean, Math Pickup Lines Don't Work?" Forman '09 exploded onto passed balls, and the quick feet of front row Julia "RUN STRAIGHT" Jacobson '08 took her on extended runs through the UConn backs. Dartmouth tackling was fantastic, and the fast hit of Katie "With Flaxseed and Love" Moerlein '08 off a kick-and-chase play gained 50 meters for Dartmouth 30 minutes into play; the subsequent Ahrendt-and-Cima 2 on 1 put 5 more points on the boards. Looping by all of the backs established offensive overloads for the Big Green, opening holes on the outside as Moerlein passed to Rachel Forman, whose consequent try brought the first half score to 15-0.

Accustomed to the delightful length of 20-minute tournament halves, Dartmouth felt tired as the second half of our 80-minute league game began. The intense play of Dunn and Morgan "Tri-Delt to Wed" Cole '07 motivated the team to increase our intensity, though, and Ahrendt put an immediate try down for the DWRC. After a successful conversion by Forman, Dartmouth received the UConn drop-kick and promptly returned to their 22. A crafty grub kick by Ahrendt led to 5 points scored by prop Juliet "Scoring Scrumhalf" Coffey '09 and Forman's second conversion.

Intense contact play from Cole and Alysia "Ya, It's Me" Harris '08 led to a 30-meter twinkle-toes breakaway by Mallory "So I Met This Guy..." McQueen '09 as she skillfully wove around most of the UConn back line. Ahrendt scored a second time through a back line hole, and used her same talent at running to put her third try in the zone. A beautiful cherry pick from outstanding rookie flanker Kate "Pay With Cash... Leave No Paper Trail" Cameron '07 and good support by Jacobson led to the final try of the match-a now-familiar outside run and pass by Ahrendt and finishing cut by Cima. Dartmouth left the pitch without fuel in the tanks but with a huge W and a well-defended shutout to post to the first league standings.

DWRC B-side 27 vs. University of Connecticut 0
The B-side match was a delightful experience as a strong and skilled group of freshmen rookies took to the field for their first time. Veteran players joined the nine debut ruggers as they hit the ground running to trounce the UConn B's in Dartmouth's second shutout of the day.

The match began with fantastic, though often sideways, running by the DWRC backs. Power center Elizabeth "So I'm a Movie-No, Make that Documentary Film-Star" Rexford '08 cut her way through much of the UConn back line, and the good hands and fast feet of flyhalf Jen "I Can Still Do Crunches" Chong '10 gained ground for Dartmouth on the inside. Despite having a very inexperienced pack, the forwards were driving well in scrums to produce good balls for the back line. Of particular note was the leadership and hooking of transfer student Jessie Schwartz '08 and the powerful second-row play of Gemma "Tight Shirts" Ross '08 and rock star Sandy "SANDAAAY" Wong '10; Hayleigh "Migwitch" Herchenbach '04 also flanked powerfully and stripped many UConn balls for Dartmouth.

Veteran wing Katy "You Must, You Must" Cullinan '08 kept the backs in order and opened the scoring game from the outside. Rachel "George" Forman "Grill" '09 converted Cullinan's try. Portia "Special Guest Star" Lombardo '08 supported the excellent runs of inside back Lyle "M." Kau '10 and prop Onyi "Capture the Melon?" Kanu '09; Kanu scored at the end of the first half with a cross-quartering run to the corner flag.

The second half began with a well-placed drop-kick from Mallory "Drop It Like a Prop" McQueen '09 and strong cover defense against the UConn receiver. Good tackles from the determined Chong stopped the UConn offensive, and, once the ball was in Kanu's hands, she promptly added each of two more tries to the boards.

Dartmouth suffered from some collapsed scrums; we also grouped around the ball and had difficulty finding the space on the outside of the field. Eight-man Katherine "Obvi" Minyety '08 lifted the level of play with successful picks, poached balls, and strong running on the inside. The final score came from none other than Caroline Cima, this time from the fullback position. The jovial play of the victorious B-side team inspired all Dartmouth supporters who now know to expect great things of the team's new rookies.

Written by Leila English '09
The Dartmouth women exhausted themselves playing and came disappointingly close to besting New England powerhouse Yale University last Saturday. The strength and size of the Yale team afforded them the narrow advantage in a very intense A-side game, while the B-side tens game saw excellent play from the Dartmouth rookies and an eventual tied score.

The first--and perhaps only--Dartmouth league disappointment also marked the beginning of some promising rugby careers. The first match of the day saw the notable debut of two rookies new to the Dartmouth A-side:
Onyi Kanu '09: Look for this new prop to bust out of multiple tackles when attempting a breakaway. We like to watch Onyi run with the ball because our opponents always bounce off her in a most entertaining manner. Enough said.
Elizabeth Rexford '08: Rexford comes to the DWRC straight from Hollywood, with her personal film crew and entourage in tow. A noted athlete in the Artic Winter Games in Alaska, she will positively affect our team from the loose forwards as well as from the outside backs. A bit of self-description: "During my recreation time, I like playing basketball, softball, running, swimming, traveling the world, hiking, camping, eskimo dancing, sewing with my Grandma, eating muktuk, driving my Explorer, and floating down the Chena River with my friends. And of course, looking for tall, handsome, muscular, young native men." [Thanks to <>.]

DWRC (A-side) 20 vs. YALE UNIVERSITY 24
Despite feeling slightly nauseous at the sight of the size of the Yale team during warm-ups, Dartmouth took to the field with a passion. Good running by the outside backs carried the ball down the pitch, and the first try of the match was posted by #13 Mallory McQueen '09, who executed a beautiful switch off the cross-field run of flyhalf Kirsten Ahrendt '07. Ahrendt also posted the conversion to increase the Dartmouth total to 7-0 before 10 minutes of play had elapsed.

Much of the remainder of the first half saw hardworking but unrewarded efforts by the Big Green. The kicking, especially that of backs captain Ahrendt, encouraged the Dartmouth team to increase their intensity. Despite the fabulous running of Onyi "My Utter Soreness Is Spreading" Kanu '09 and the strong inside tackles from front row Morgan Cole '07, good kicks from the Yale fullback and their domination in the set pieces allowed them to score twice and convert once.

Although messy rucks and scrums were prevalent, Dartmouth maintained ball possession well late in the second half. Hooker Julia Jacobson '08 controlled play in the inside, and was able to release Caroline Cima '10 at the wing. Cima's subsequent 50-meter run produced an unconverted try on the outside to bring the first half score to a 12-all tie.
The second half of the match saw successful run-around backs rugby but a tired Dartmouth squad collapsing rucks and scrums. Quick hooks and strong driving by Yale allowed them to win most of the half's set pieces, though the team was pleased to see the introduction of our new 15-meter football throw line-out by lock and forwards leader Terese Hopper '07.
A penalty 20 meters in front of the posts allowed Kirsten Ahrendt to kick for post and add 3 points to the Dartmouth score. Julia Jacobson and wing Rachel "Math, Mountains, and Monty" Forman '09 ran with pace onto the ball to gain yardage on the drop-kick return. Issy Anderson '07 returned to her role as the kicking scrumhalf, tightly protecting the inside channel with eight-man Elizabeth "L." Rexford '08. Katie Moerlein '08 was a standout player in the back line, both running and rucking very well.

Despite brilliant individual playing, Dartmouth was forced to spend much of the second half defending from the try line. A taxing 10 minutes of play on the line, including many a 5-meter scrum, resulted in an unconverted Yale try. A few minutes later, we were standing off against the Bulldogs in our own 22, resulting in a Yale try and conversion that brought their lead to 24-15. The Dartmouth women refused to give up, however, and were rewarded with a strong run from Rachel Forman, followed by continuity play through Katie Moerlein and Mallory McQueen to assist Kirsten Ahrendt with the try. Down by just four points but with only one minute remaining in the match, Dartmouth played "keep the ball alive" rugby but was unable to put another try on the boards, eventually losing 20-24.

DWRC (B-side) 10 vs. YALE UNIVERSITY (B-side) 10
The Dartmouth rookies took on Yale's B-side in a closely contested game of tens. Lyle "So My Face Gets Red" Kau '10 began the match with the first of her many well-placed drop-kicks, and the strong tackling of Hayleigh "'09" Herchenbach '04 opened the game on a high note as well. Known as a "tackling machine" and a "one-man tackling team," Herchenbach had a fabulous match for the Dartmouth side, playing at flyhalf and later scrumhalf as well.

Although Yale posted the first try of the match, great running by wing Katie Cullinan '08 brought Dartmouth upfield. After stagnant play near the 50-meter line, Meghan McDavid '10 made a breakout play with pass-and-loop play with Lyle Kau followed by a fabulous 50 meter run, which produced the first try for the Dartmouth scoreboards.

During the second half of the match each side put up a seven-point converted try, but the DWRC played with double the heart of their opponents. Good continuity play by Sandy "I Hope They Don't Hear My Voice" Wong '10 and her fellow prop Victoria "Vicky" Moors '10 was effective, as was the try-line defense of Meghan McDavid. Forwards leader Jessie "Shaprees" Schwartz '08 inspired the continued efforts of the rookies, whose play greatly impressed the Dartmouth upperclassmen.

The DWRC continued its streak of dominance on the rugby pitch with a huge win over Amherst College. Despite several issues with rucking, tackling, and team defense, Dartmouth was able to take advantage of a much weaker Amherst team. The first try of the game was scored early on as flyhalf Kirsten Ahrendt '07 looped to the outside. Shortly thereafter, Dartmouth capitalized on the space outside again to release wing Caroline Cima '10 for the second try of the game, which Ahrendt converted.

Unaware of our own strength, Dartmouth had some trouble in rucks and mauls, often collapsing them due to a lack of opposition. However, the DWRC compensated for this by playing with continuity and keeping the ball out wide. Strong support and integration of the forwards and backs allowed hooker Julia Jacobsen '08 to score the third try off of a great series of runs. Another strong running sequence right after the kickoff ended with outside center Mallory McQueen '09 touching the ball down on the outside. The forwards adapted well to the runaround rugby style of the game and used their strength to plow through defenders. Great runs by prop Morgan Cole '07 and second row TayRay Hopper '07 led to Jacobsen and 8-man Nanette Cedeno '09 both scoring before the end of the first half.

Up by 34 points at the start of the second half, the Dartmouth players once again capitalized on their penchant for offense when they came back onto the field. The DWRC quickly put another 5 points on the board with a try from McQueen up the center. Strong engaging in the set pieces allowed the Big Green to get clean balls out to the backs, resulting in an outside try by wing Rachel Forman '09. Before the end of the game, Jacobsen scored once more and Ahrendt scored twice, bringing the final score to 63-0. Despite playing an obviously less experienced team and poor calls from the referee, Dartmouth was able to keep their level of play high, characterized by great running and support of the ball carrier.

written by Issy Anderson '07, pictures courtesy of Mary English
Homecoming weekend saw disappointing losses for Dartmouth football and the DRFC but a fantastic win for the lady green tacklers. A beautiful but brisk fall Saturday dawned over Brophy pitch for the A-side to bring their league record to 0.750 and the B-side to play a fabulous game as well.

Inspired by the large-than-normal crowd of alums and family at last Saturday's match, the DWRC claimed another key victory this Homecoming in a game marked by strong runs by the backs and solid driving rucks and mauls by the forwards. Dartmouth came out hard in the first several minutes of the game and, after winning the ball back after the initial kickoff, flyhalf Kirsten Ahrendt '07 scored and converted the first try of the game. Shortly thereafter, following a series of great runs by the inside backs, Dartmouth scored again as wing Caroline Cima '10 was released into space on the outside. Ahrendt converted the kick, bringing the scored to 14-0 within the first ten minutes of play. After a series of scrums and turnovers, Dartmouth once again got the ball out to the backs and a third try resulted from an outside switch from Ahrendt to 8-man Nanette Cedeno '09 and then a pass out wide to Cima. The try was converted by Ahrendt.

On the few occasions when the DWRC was forced to play defense, the forwards were instrumental in tying the ball up in Williams' mauls to get the ball back. Defensive line-outs were also effective as jumper Michelle Dunn '09 blocked many of their throws. Despite issues with rucking in the past several weeks, Dartmouth had increasing success in getting low and over the ball, which enabled our back line to have many territory-gaining runs. Particularly notable were the runs of outside center Mallory McQueen '09 and hooker Julia Jacobsen '08. However, one area in which the teams were well matched was in scrumming, where both teams repeatedly won balls back on defense and had issues with getting wheeled on offense. Excessive pressure from the Williams scrumhalf also led to some messy ball at the back of the scrums.

Towards the end of the first half, Williams had a near trying-scoring breakaway from the wing. However, Dartmouth wing Rachel Forman '09 made an excellent tackle and the DWRC was able to win the ball back and get it out of our defensive end. Another series of great runs by Jacobsen and Ahrendt resulted in an unconverted try by Cedeno, bringing the score to 26-0 at the half.

The Big Green came out equally strong in the second half and shortly after kickoff, Forman had an awesome run down about half of the field that unfortunately ended in a knock on. However, Dartmouth quickly won the ball back and Cedeno scored once again. Within several minutes, the backline had another great series from Ahrendt to McQueen to inside center Katie Moerlein '08 that resulted in a beautiful try right under the posts by McQueen, which was then converted by Cima.

With time running low, Dartmouth put one more score on the board after a great lineout as the ball was passed out wide to fullback Leila English '09. English converted her try as well, bringing the final score to 45-0. The DWRC is now 3-1 this season after a successful game of runaround rugby with excellent integration among the forwards and the backs.

DWRC B-side 10 vs. WILLIAMS COLLEGE B-side 20
After the A-side shutout, Dartmouth's B-side took to the field for the second match of the day. However, due to strong runners in Williams' centers and many Dartmouth A-side players in their second game, the DWRC was unable to come away with a second win. Williams scored up the center off of the initial kickoff but Dartmouth did not back down and held Williams around mid-field for much of the rest of the half. After many turnovers, Williams came very close to scoring again but excellent defense at the try line allowed Dartmouth to kick it back up field. Katherine Minyety '08 regained possession of the kick after an excellent chase and tackle. However, Williams eventually got the ball back and scored on a breakaway on the outside. After another series of back and forth play, center Lyle Kau '10 had a great breakaway run to get the ball within several meters of scoring. Unfortunately, Williams also had strong defense at the try line and was able to prevent a DWRC score.

In the second half, Williams quickly scored again but Dartmouth came back with strong runs by Nanette Cedeno '09 and excellent continuity down the field. The DWRC finally finished with a score on the outside by Rachel Forman '09. Despite strong defensive tackling by Minyety, Williams was able to score once more on the outside. In the face of these unlucky breaks from Williams, Dartmouth was able to keep their intensity up in the last several minutes of the game, enabling Cedeno to score the DWRC's second try on the outside. Despite a disappointing loss, the Dartmouth B-side had an excellent game marked by aggressive tackling and strong running.

Click here to see more photos of the Dartmouth Women's Rugby Club's game against Williams

written by Katherine Minyety '08 and Hayleigh Herchenbach '04
The Dartmouth Women's Rugby Club discovered yet again what it's like to play fifteen players as one as they stepped on to Northeastern's Parsons Field this past Saturday. Last weekend's close loss to UMass did not hinder Dartmouth's determination as the ladies in green focused all their energies in playing some excellent rugby. This game was crucial in determining whether Dartmouth's season would be over, or whether the Big Green women would continue on towards Nationals. Certainly one of the best teams Dartmouth has seen this season, the Northeastern Mad Dogs brought to the turf an intense amount of energy, passion, and vocal fans. But the DWRC prevailed, securing Dartmouth a spot in the NRU playoffs next weekend.

This week Dartmouth Rugby had the pleasure of welcoming back former member of the DRFC John "I Don't Want To Toot My Own Horn, But..." Eliot '93 for some motivational words. John's advice to the young ruggers was simple yet sublime: ultimately the team with the most heart and the most confidence will win a match. Potential hurricane-like conditions, with threats of torrential rains and 60 mph winds, did not phase the Dartmouth ruggers as they arrived in Boston, confident they'd return to Hanover victorious. Neither did the fact that they would be playing rugby on a nearly underwater Astroturf football field. Northeastern quickly felt the pressure of a truly united team as the first fifteen minutes of the game were played behind their 22-meter line, thanks to Green's aggressive offense. Great posting off the rucks and awesome body positioning set the tone for a great game to come. Vigorous kicking by flyhalf Kirsten "We're Gonna Wiiiiiiin!!!" Ahrendt '07 was complemented by equally fabulous chasing by wing Rachel "Is It Bad If I'm Addicted To Water Pong?" Forman '09.

Although Green continued bringing the ball back into contact despite the original "run around rugby" game plan, aggressive defense and continuous tackles by flankers Lindsay "The One Day I Don't Wear My Mouthpiece..." Zahradka '07 and Kate "Yeah, My Tire Could Go At Any Moment" Cameron '07 let the Lady Mad Dogs know that Dartmouth was a force to be reckoned with. In true fifteen-as-one fashion, Katie "The Pen What Club?" Moerlein' 08 and Mallory "It Is Too A Compound Word" McQueen '09, inside and outside centers, respectively, as well as the other backs had a great tackling game. Wet conditions had a hand in the several knock-ons that took place on both sides. Ahrendt kicked for touch throughout the game to relieve a lot of the offensive pressure from the Mad Dogs, who, like the DWRC, refused to give up hope. After a Green penalty, however, Northeastern chose to kick for points, making the score 0-3.

Just when you thought the DWRC could not increase the level of intensity on the field, hard runs by Onyinye "Insert Grunt" Kanu '09 and a sweet 8-man pick by Nanette "Steam Engine" Cedeno '09 prove that there was plenty more spirit left in the Green team. Forward's captain Tayray "Don't Ruck With My Friends" Hopper '07 scored Dartmouth's first try of the game off of a pass from Ahrendt, who subsequently kicked a successful conversion. Despite Green's flat defensive line, Northeastern was able to score their first try of the game before the end of the first half. The score was now 7-10.

The fearless Dartmouth ruggers came out even stronger the second half with great tackles and runs by Julia "She Still Owes Me Thirty Dollars!" Jacobsen '08. McQueen had an overall stellar game and continued making ground for Dartmouth with her 15 meter runs. Despite the many arduous set scrums against the... heftier... Northeastern pack, the Dartmouth forwards never let down. Prop Juliet "This Neck Brace Is Even Hotter Than The Last One" Coffey '09 and hooker Morgan "Pippi Longstocking" Cole '07 helped lead the big green scrums into a hard engage. Wet balls did nothing to affect the catching of the back three as wing Caroline "Relentless Rapper" Cima '10, fullback Leila "Puts The Chemistry In Organic Chemistry" English '09 and Forman all worked together to enact successful counterattacks. Capitalizing on a penalty to Northeastern, Dartmouth sprung into action, with Ahrendt breaking through the Mad Dog defense line into the try zone, bringing Green's score up 12 to Northeastern's 10.

Lineouts did not seem to be going well for Dartmouth on this day, but jumper Michelle "Cranberry Juice Is Good For Your Digestion" Dunn '09 was able to win Northeastern's last lineout of the game. Fresh and ready to lay out Mad Dog ruggers, flanker Hayleigh "It's My Birthday And I'll Ruck If I Want To" Herchenbach '04 came on to the pitch, immediately making two consecutive tackles. With only a few minutes left in the game, Dartmouth was really feeling the pressure as Northeastern was attempting to score one more try before the clock hit 0. The relentless Dartmouth ruggers continued to play with heart and refused to let down, despite Northeastern's evident desire and skill. With two minutes left in the game, a Northeastern maul that had made its way into the Dartmouth try zone was driven back by the dedicated, albeit exhausted, DWRC. With only a few seconds left, Ahrendt received the ball from scrumhalf Issy "Never Have I Ever" Anderson '07, who had consistently played a smart game, maintaining her patience and poise even under tremendous offensive pressure. Ahrendt kicked for touch, making Dartmouth the winner, 12-10, in one of the most nail-biting and hard-fought games of the season.

This weekend the DWRC suffered a devastating loss to Women's Army. The fact that they were playing the nation's number one team did nothing to hinder the spirit of the Ladies in Green, however, as Dartmouth played one of their best games all season. Although this means that Dartmouth will not be advancing to the NRU championships, the Dartmouth ruggers had an awesome season and made significant progress as a team.


This past weekend, Dartmouth Women's Rugby stepped on to West Point's Anderson Field ready to fight for a spot in the NRU Championships. The backs were ready to score some tries and the forwards were ready to implement new line-outs, courtesy of guest coach Richard "Pete" Peterson. With hand warmers in their pockets, thanks to coach Deb "The Snow of Victory" Archambault '85, both forwards and backs were prepared mentally and physically to give it their all for the full 80 minutes.

The game opened up with a set scrum center to Green after Army was unable to kick the ball 10 meters during kickoff. Eight-man Nanette "I Don't Do Frats" Cedeno '09 saw this as the perfect opportunity to do an 8-man pick-up. Cedeno later repeated this tactic, making several crucial 8-man picks throughout the game. Things quickly turned sour as the ref called what would be the first of many penalties to both the Dartmouth and Army teams. Seeing the black team advancing to the Dartmouth 22, outside center Mallory "Valentino" McQueen '09 made a 20-meter run off of a green lineout and delivered the ball out to wing Caroline "Talking 'Bout A Revolution" Cima '10, who continued advancing towards the Black try-zone.

Flyhalf and backs' captain Kirsten "I Should Have Shaved My Head" Ahrendt '07 decided to relieve a lot of Army's defensive pressure by implementing a kick and chase game, with wing Rachel "Fun With Numbers" Forman '09 always ready and willing to chase and tackle to the ground. With Ahrendt kicking for touch several times, Dartmouth forwards were able to use their new lineout plays with great success. Flanker Kate "Yeah, My Tire Went" Cameron '07 and lock Michelle "Shun the Non-Believers" Dunn '09, both jumpers, were essential in winning green balls. Flanker Lindsay "I May Tackle High But At Least I Don't Choke!" Zahradka '07 was also an asset, always ready to clean up any loose balls from the back of the lineouts.

Great decisions by Ahrendt to take the ball to the weak side off set scrums kept the ball in play in many instances. Followed by a penalty to Black, Ahrendt kicked for points, putting the first three points of the game on the scoreboard. Dartmouth began playing a more defensive game soon after to avoid any tries by Army. Despite awesome tackling by inside center Katie "It's Just A Flesh Wound" Moerlein '08, Julia "Cankles Never Looked So Good" Jacobsen '08, and forwards' captain Tayray "I'm A Clean Person, I Swear – It's Just My Shoes!" Hopper '07, as well as some strong, hard defense by the rest of the DWRC, Army was able to score twice, converting only once, before the end of the half, making the score 3-12.

Dartmouth's usual style of continuous play was severely hindered by all of the penalty calls, as was that of Army. Green had a hard time getting things going because of these, although Green still managed to have a more than fair amount of possession during the game. The brisk conditions did not hinder the relentless back 3, with Cima and Forman at the wings and Leila "I Get Absentee Ballots For My Birthday" English '09 at fullback. They continued implementing some counterattack plays with great hands throughout the game. Scrumhalf Issy "I Like Her Straightness" Anderson '07 played an incredibly smart game, often tying up the ball in mauls when Black had possession and gaining the ball for Green. Memorable tackles were made by Cedeno, Cima and Hayleigh "Over The Hill" Herchenbach '04 in the second half as well. Unfortunately, Army capitalized on a penalty inside the Green 22 once again and scored the last try of the game, leaving the score at 3-19

Katie Moerlin '08 takes on the Women's Army Rugby singlehandedly