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Saturday's a Rugby Day!
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The following email was written by Amy Lynne Jaccarino '03, as an automatic reply to explain where she would be on the following Saturday.

The details of my Saturday are inconsequential...very well, where do i begin? my backs are a bunch of relentlessly self-improving rugby players from the tiny town of hanover. my forwards are incredible powerhouses of team would ruck, we would maul. we would make outrageous claims, like a day watching us was an incomparable pleasure. sometimes, we would accuse the other teams of being lazy. the sort of general malaise that only the genius posess and the insane lament. rugby, for me, was typical. practices at sachem, many bruises. during games, we'd make mush out of the other team. when i was unlucky, that incredibly huge butch girl heading towards me would pummell me at full speed- pretty standard really. at the half, many girls strip down to their bras to pass their shirts to the other players. during the game, my teammates and i ritualistically KICKED UMASS' A** way the hell back to where they came from, scoring try after try. there really is nothing like a rugby game- its breathtaking...i suggest you come watch it.