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DWRC Player Perspectives

"Yet these rugby players. with their muddied, cracked bodies, are struggling to hold onto a sense of humanity that we in America have lost and are unlikely to regain. The game may only be to move a ball forward on a dirt field, but the task can be accomplished with an unshackled joy and its memories will be a permanent delight. The women and men who play on that rugby field are more alive than too many of us will ever be. The foolish emptiness we think we perceive in their existence is only our own." - Victor Cahn

Dartmouth Women's Rugby

Rugby has challenged and inspired generations of Dartmouth Women's Rugby players. Here are some of the things that players at the DWRC and other Women's Rugby clubs have had to say over the years about their beloved sport, their beloved clubs, and wearing their jerseys with pride.

A Rookie Primer: The Basics
Interested in how the game is played?

Play Rugby
Why we play through the bruises

and the inclement weather.

A Prop's Testimony
Folklore surrounding the position of Prop

Saturday's a Rugby Day
Amy Lynne Jaccarino '03

Rookie Reflections
Sara Carpenter '03

Rugby Season
By Peter FitzSimons, forwarded by Susan Crangle '01

Tight Five
Written by and about Erin Broderick '99,
Libby Craig '00, Susan Crangle '01,

Chloe Holmes '01
, Alice Pope '01

A blitz from Erin Broderick '99

How the DWRC Changed My Bone Structure
Testimony of Melanie Pastuck '11

A Brief History of the DWRC
An Excerpt about the DWRC,
written by the team


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