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This inspirational blitzmail was written by Erin Broderick '99.

don't you love that feeling when you're so into the game that the physicality of your body is inconsequential? when you know in your head WHAT you have to do to make that tackle, block that kick, drive that ruck. . .and you just DO it without any thoughts as to how much you hurt, are tired, etc. . . that to me was always the best part of the game. the mindset when your strength and skills are secondary because they just compliment the mental images of the game. . .the anticipation, the communication, the inspiration. . . these make everything else fall into place. and when it all comes down to it, you guys KNOW you can win. and there is so much pride behind that. just think of all the tradition that is left behind you, the base of the DWRC as an entity. . . all of us WISHING it was still us out there. . .and then the future. . . watching with awe as you guys pull off yet ANOTHER impressive win, maybe even some playing alongside, motivated by the sheer power of example and leadership. . .all the talent that is out on that field, all the hardwork you guys have done. . .this is the time, the big challenge, where you can showcase it all, and have fun with this game, this means of existing through bruises and tubesocks and metal cleats =)