Letter from Henry Fuller
April, 1800

Perhaps friend Dan, you think I'm much distressed;
That cruel Love, unceasing fires my breast.
That M...'s charms, those cruel charms of art;
Have deadly buried your friend Habigah's heart.
But cease, my friend, commiserations vain;
Her boasted charms ne'er gave one moments pain.
I ne'er as yet explor'd the verdant grove;
The mary lawns, the pleasing fields of Love.
Fate has ordained, that I should never view,
Those flowery fields so often seen by you.
Those who monopolize the female heart,
OUght, to their friends a little share impart.
Could I but once your earthly Judges views
Perhaps I then might be a Lover toos.
But M...ys mind was nevery form'd to move.
A feeling heart to sentiments of Love.
Coquettish Flirts & Prudish Girls are made,
To chatter nonsense 'till their beauties fade.
Charity, for human beings, I confess;
Should make me pity, & to endure less.
"All have their failings," that I own is true,
And while I pity, I dispise them too.

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