Henry Fuller
Letters between Webster and Fuller

Letter from Henry Fuller (1800)
A humorous poem on Love, in which Fuller flatters Webster's skill at love while deprecating his own. It makes reference to "M...'s charms." This is almost certainly a reference to Mary, the daughter of Professor Woodward, who is elswhere described as being "lovely as Heaven, but harder to obtain" (Foster 517).
Source: Dartmouth College Archives

Letter from Henry Fuller (April, 1800)

Another poem by Fuller, this one written as a Farewell to his friend Daniel.
Source: Dartmouth College Archives

Letter to Henry Fuller (January 26, 1801)

This letter was written while Webster was convalescing from an unnamed illness in Salisbury. He honors a request by Fuller to respond in verse, and writes a poem entreating the Muses to grant Fuller the return of his poetic skill, which seems to have temporarily left him. Webster comments that then President of the College John Wheelock visited him. Webster comments, of this suposedly distinguished guest, on "the longitude of his nose!" At the end of the letter he almost confesses some emotions for a "Miss K." who is unwell and seems to be at the threshhold of death.
Source: Dartmouth College Archives

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