Ezekiel Webster
Letter to Ezekiel Webster and Autobiographical Excerpt

Letter to Ezekiel Webster (April 25, 1800)
This letter to Ezekiel reveals that the two corresponded frequently. Webster praises Ezekiel's mental faculties as being superior to his, although history did not bear this flattery out. Daniel also proceeds upon some brief political commentary of Massachusetts politics, but then adds, "But an election of much greater importance than either of the above, will demand our attention next September. The question will then be, whether John Adams, or Thom. Jefferson shall be President of the United States."
Source: Dartmouth College Archives

Excerpt from Daniel's Autobiography

This excerpt from Webster's short autobiography details the decision made between Daniel and Ezekiel that Ezekiel ought to get a College education as well. It is indicative of the devotion Webster felt for his brother.

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