Samuel Ayers Bradley
Letters from Webster

Letter to Samuel Ayers Bradley (January 9, 1800)
Webster writes to Bradley, and urges him to temporarily put aside his studies of the law and to turn his thoughts to the time when he, too, was a student at Dartmouth. Webster comments on the inclination of those still in College to look up to one such as Bradley who had moved on to higher levels of education. Webster then proceeds upon a commentary of the color of the structures in Hanvoer, and describes his reasons for disliking a uniform "whiteness."
Source: Dartmouth College Archives

Letter to Samuel Ayers Bradley (February 10, 1801)

This short note describes Webster's disappointment at not having been able to visit Bradley, and his hopes to do so in the future. Webster also inquires regarding Bradley's health, although the matter does not seem particularly serious.
Source: Dartmouth College Archives

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