James Hervey Bingham
Letters from Webster

Letter to Bingham (February 5, 1800)
This letter is evidence of Webster's interest in political matters. He discusses events in Europe, particularly concerning Napoleon, and comments on the death of George Washington. He also makes reference to "Mary la Bonne," the daughter of professor Woodward.

Letter to Bingham (February 11, 1800)

More political commentary, this time regarding the "Helvetic Union." Webster makes reference to a flirtation with the idea of matrimony; it is unsure if this is in jest or if it is a truthful statement. This particular letter ends with a poem about the myth of Phoebus.

Letter to Bingham (January 17, 1801)

A casual letter, in which Webster mentions a coquettish young woman from Salem who seems to have enchanted him.

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