A Hint to the Ambitious

A Hint to the Ambitious

Written in my Sophomore year

Veer earth's broad surface to what clime we go
We find that mans illfated lot is wo!
Pain and disease his mortal past attend
His soul the blasts of passing passions send
Though fortune smile to day, and friends caress,
And no needs cause our tranquil mind distress;
Though wealth disperse her copious blessings sound;
And friendships sweets among our joys are found;
THough fleeting fancy paints a length of days,
And all the fairest charms of life displays;
This best a prelude to severes wo
When changiful fortune's adverse gales shall blow.
When our sad bosom's disappointment stings,
Ah! then we learn our fondest hopes have wings;
Dispair her gloomy vail spreads oer our souls
And with the mystic wand our mind controls;
Sullen we sit our mournful fates recite,
And see the day that gave with the light.