Daniel Webster: Dartmouth's Favorite Son


This project is dedicated to my parents,
who sacrificed more than anyone else in order to allow me to engage in this particular course of study.

John Hawkins, Director of Academic Information Resources
John agreed to fund my project and gave me lots of neat toys to play with. If not for him, I wouldn't have been able to go ahead with this project. He even put up with my musical selections and sporadic schedule. Thanks as well to Malcolm Brown, John's boss, who let John hire me.

Phil Cronenwett, Director of Baker Special Collections
Dr. Cronenwett was my primary advisor on this project. His knowledge of the contents of Special Collections is incredible and proved to be an invaluable resource in carrying out this project. He also gave me full access to the collections and accomodated my unique needs in reproducing this material. If not for his help and cooperation, I would have been totally lost. Many thanks also for being patient with my multiple frantic BlitzMail messages. I would also ask Dr. Cronenwett to communicate my most sincere thanks to the staff of Special Collections, who were unbelievably kind and patient with me.

Professor Shewmaker, History Department
Thanks to Professor Shewmaker for inspiring my interest in this subject matter in History 1 and History 24. Many thanks also for spending so many of his office hours with me and giving me useful advice throughout the course of the term.

Kellen Haak and Kathleen O'Malley, Office of the Registrar of the Hood Museum
Many thanks for accomodating my requests for images. They really add to the project and illustrate the potential of the World Wide Web. Thanks also for the black and white prints which were made for no other reason other than that I thought they might be nice to include in the project. This was very gracious and much appreciated.

Professor Gene Garthwaite, Chair of the History Department
Thanks to Professor Garthwaite for being patient with my administrative contortions and for agreeing to grade my project.

Andy Williams, Computing Services
Andy has given me tons of help and advice with HTML and in using software, particularly Adobe Photoshop. Andy is truly the guru.

Thomas Bickell, the Registrar's Office
Thanks to the Registrar's Office for allowing my work to be evaluated via a grade.

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