Constitution of the Federal Club
July 1799

Constitution of the Federal Club (July 1799)
This Society, formed for improvement in political information, and the acquirement of useful knowledge; is established on professed friendship and unanimity.

It supposes each member enjoying equally, its privlegest, which are to be granted to such, only, as deserve the name of Philanthropists, Gentlemen and Scholars.

So many News-Papers, or other periodical Publications, shall be taken by the Society; as it may think convenient; and such shall be read every meeting, by some member, as the President may appoint.

Each member of the Society shall be entitled to the presidency, for one meeting, in alphabetical order. The President shall receive the papers from the Post Office, lay them before the Society, and keep order in the meetings. He shall, likewise, produce on the meeting succeeding that, of his Presidentship, a short account of the contents of the late papers; and this shall be given to the Treasurer, for preservation, in the Society Journal.

The Treasurer shall be annually chose, by ballot, on the first meeting of the Society in July, out of the Sophomore, or Junior Class. He shall in the name of the Society transact all its business with Printers, Postmasters &c. He shall exhibit, to the Society, all amounts which are brought against it, and make an equal distribution of expenses among members, and settle their respective accounts once a Quarter; reckoning the first, as commencing on the Second Friday of July A. D. 1799.

He shall likewise do the duty of a Secretary, he shall keep all papers belonging to the Society, record all votes, preserve and read this Constitution to all candidates for admission.

These are the motives, for which we have associated, and the general principles of our society government.

For the support of which, we pledge our honour and fidelity.

Joseph Warren Brackett
Benjamin Clark.
Nathaniel Coffin
John H. Crane
Alexander Conkey
Tristram Gilman
George Herbert,
Warren Peirce
Danl. Webster.

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