How to Participate

The Dartmouth Vietnam Project brings together Dartmouth students and older members of the Dartmouth community to collaborate in the production of oral histories. The contributions of each group are as follows:

Student interviewers are currently-enrolled Dartmouth students. They typically apply to join the program during the spring term of their sophomore year. The students who are accepted into the program will commit to work for the program for the summer term and for one additional term during the following academic year. During the summer, all student participants will attend a series of six training workshops on various aspects of the art of oral history interviewing. After this training is complete, each student will complete one oral history interview with an individual selected by the project leaders. Then, during the second term of work (usually during the junior year), students will conduct up to five additional oral history interviews; the individuals to be interviewed in the second term will be chosen by the student, from the available pool of volunteer interviewees, in consultation with the project leaders.

Volunteer interviewees may be any member of the Dartmouth community who has stories or memories of the Vietnam War era to share. While many of our interviewees are Dartmouth alumni, the DVP welcomes the participation of anyone and everyone who has a connection to Dartmouth. Volunteers may include current and former Dartmouth faculty and staff, current and former residents of Hanover and the Upper Valley, and Dartmouth parents, spouses, friends, and partners. Some interviewees may be veterans who served in Vietnam or elsewhere during the war; some may have participated in antiwar protests at Dartmouth or other places; and some may have witnessed the impact that the war had on Dartmouth, on other American institutions, or on U.S. society in general.