Share Your Story

Are you interested in sharing your experience of the Vietnam War era with the Dartmouth Vietnam Project? Get started today! The volunteer process includes the following steps:

1. You complete the brief informational form below, which helps us learn about your experiences during the Vietnam War era and the best way to contact you.

2. A student working on the Dartmouth Vietnam Project follows up by email or phone, whichever suits you best.

3. You and the student discuss your experiences in more detail, helping us to understand where your story fits in the project.

4. We follow up one more time, and if we're able to invite you for an interview, we begin the scheduling process.

5. In most cases, we schedule an in-person interview to be conducted in your home, office, or another location familiar to you, but in some cases interviews are conducted at Dartmouth or by phone.

6. You share your story with a specially trained student interviewer, who records it as a digital audio file.

7. Your interview becomes a permanent part of the project archive, and helps students, researchers, and the general public learn about the Vietnam War era for generations to come.

While we'd love to record all stories, limited resources prevent us from doing so. We make every attempt to include as many of our volunteers as possible. Please know that whether or not we're able to interview you, we genuinely appreciate your interest in the Dartmouth Vietnam Project.

Ready to get started? Simply fill out the form below!