Dartmouth Undergraduate Veterans Association

Meeting Minutes – 26 April 2013

Location: Sanborn 102

¤  Meeting began at 1907 hours with the following in attendance:

¤  Kevin Price, President

¤  Chris Allen, Vice President

¤  Ty Demarest, Treasurer

¤  Josh Cox

¤  Tyler Fritz

¤  Jacob Sotak

¤  Billy Peters

¤  Chris Mortensen

¤  Graham Osborne

¤  Ryan West

¤  Dean Kent Yrchik-Shoemaker, Advisor

¤  John Everett Ō68, Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley Liaison


¤  President presented the first Dartmouth history lesson (to be included at each subsequent meeting)

¤  President gave Daniel WebsterÕs biography

¤  President reviewed the Dartmouth College Case and recited part of WebsterÕs famous speech


¤  Vice President reminded members of upcoming events and necessary actions

¤  Tomorrow is the Upper Valley Serves 5K/10K.

¤  Members should continue to check the website for meeting minutes and updates on events.

¤  Tomorrow Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley is having a BBQ between baseball teamÕs double-header

¤  John Everett offered an update on the location of this event and on details of DCUVÕs annual dinner

¤  Annual dinner is 211730MAY13 in Top of the Hop/Alumni Hall

¤  Speaker is Dr. Paul Pillar (former CIA deputy)

¤  Cost for undergraduate veterans is $35.00

¤  Interested DUVA members should let Everett know ASAP if they will attend

¤  Members should get their biographies and accompanying photos to the Outreach Chair ASAP for completion of newsletter

¤  Officers need to get a bio to the Treasurer ASAP for the website


¤  Vice President reviewed notes from officersÕ meeting on 19APR13

¤  Officers held meeting last Friday, 19APR2013

¤  VP will conduct right-seat/left-seat with Treasurer on maintenance of website to assume this responsibility at the end of 13S term.

¤  Officers unanimously decided that the first meeting of every term will include a review/reiteration of the organizationÕs policies and procedures

¤  Officers are currently drafting SOPÕs for publication to site

¤  Hard copies will be kept in AdvisorÕs office

¤  Officers stressed the need that DUVA organizational commitments must be vetted by officers

¤  President added to this point that all funding requests need to go through the Treasurer


¤  President addressed the status of the Class of 1956 Loan

¤  President and Treasurer have set up a DUVA account at Ledyard National Bank

¤  President has emailed Ō56s and loan money should be deposited in the account next week

¤  President is working with Treasurer to draft loan SOP

¤  Advisor mentioned that SOP should include Ō56sÕ stipulation for a monthly account statement

¤  President will verify stipulations with Ō56s


¤  President addressed Ryan West regarding Class of 1969 Loan/Gift

¤  Ryan West will email Class of Ō69 POC to inform him of account setup and identify steps to deposit funds

¤  West will CC President and Treasurer on email to keep them informed


¤  President shifted meetingÕs focus to Veterans Day Banquet

¤  Banquet will take place either November 8th or 9th depending upon speaker availability

¤  Outreach Chair has emailed Nate Fick to invite him to attend

¤  President addressed the need to begin fundraising by the end of this term/beginning of next

¤  The following members will be around Hanover summer term to help push fundraising:

¤  Brooks

¤  Mortensen

¤  Peters

¤  Fritz

¤  Dean Yrchik-Shoemaker

¤  Chris Mortensen introduced the idea of holding a silent auction to raise funds

¤  Possible items to auction off might include:

¤  Limo service to and from the event

¤  Seating at the VIP table

¤  This idea was met with unanimous approval

¤  Discussion of the venue was introduced by the President

¤  Officers had thought of holding event again in Collis

¤  This idea was approved as a possibility

¤  Top of the Hop was introduced as an alternative space

¤  VP will check on availability/pricing of this space

¤  West Gym was unanimously disapproved of as viable space


¤  Vice President reintroduced idea of working with Career Services (CS) office to put on veteran-specific career presentation

¤  VP reviewed proposed work with Monica Wilson of CS office to create one pager for recruiters to review before interviewing student-veterans

¤  Attendees agreed that DUVA members interested in recruiting and job-search process would benefit from targeted training from CS

¤  VP will continue to work with CS to make this a reality during fall term


¤  VP reviewed meeting with Hanover nonprofit, Project VetCare

¤  All members were made aware of Project VetCareÕs location, mission and internship posting

¤  Project  VetCare contact information and mission information were passed to all members for interested veterans to make use of on an individual basis for the time being

¤  Graham Osborne brought up the possibility of VA work study for students interested in employment

¤  President suggested that this work study could possibly be used to fill the Veterans Advocate position Jacob Sotak is pushing with the administration

¤  Sotak agreed this might be a last-resort possibility but we should continue to push for a full-time position


¤  Sotak offered update on VeteransÕ Advocate proposal

¤  Sotak has sent proposal to Trustee Nate Fick.  He has not heard back and will follow up soon

¤  President, Sotak, Cox and Peters attended DGVA meeting with President Emeritus Wright recently

¤  Sotak said that President Wright is fully supportive of proposal

¤  DUVAÕs continued work with DGVA should provide traction through a united front

¤  Sotak hopes to schedule time to speak with Fick directly the next time that Trustees are in town

¤  Sotak reiterated that he will be around Hanover post-graduation and will continue to push this cause


¤  President stated that there will be a dinner with the Class of Ō56 on Friday, 10MAY13

¤  Members unanimously agreed to continue having these dinners at MurphyÕs

¤  Sotak addressed the need to ensure these dinners are relaxed atmospheres promoting informal conversation, NOT meetings

¤  President suggested having a business meeting between officers and alums beforehand

¤  Unanimous approval

¤  There will be a meeting before dinner in Sanborn 102 that is completely optional for all DUVA members other than officers


¤  Chris Mortensen updated members on the prospect of an Ivy Vet Conference

¤  There is interest amongst other schools around making this happen

¤  Columbia vets offered their support

¤  Mortensen will get numbers of veterans at the other Ivies

¤  Unanimous support for pursuing this objective

¤  It was suggested that we invite a conference POC from each school to the Veterans Day Banquet or earlier to establish and build connections

¤  Treasurer will look into funding possibilities for this

¤  Sotak mentioned that he is conducting an independent study in photography and would like to photograph veterans in the Dartmouth community

¤  Interested members should contact him ASAP if they wish to participate


¤  Advisor Remarks

¤  Advisor remarked that many student veterans have not had the opportunity to meet/connect with veterans amongst the faculty and staff

¤  Members acknowledged that they only knew one or two faculty veterans and that this was a good idea

¤  Advisor thought this would be especially important for new/incoming vets

¤  Classics Department is having a presentation and lunch with Professor Tritle after his presentation on Thursday

¤  Members should let Advisor know ASAP if they will attend

¤  Lt. Dan Choi is speaking Wednesday

¤  Members are encouraged to attend


¤  President concluded meeting by addressing the proposed DUVA house

¤  Members agreed that this is something we would like to pursue

¤  President stated that an affinity-type house would give vets a base on campus, encourage veteran alums to return/contribute and help solidify the need to admit veteran applicants into the future

¤  Subsequent meetings will include discussion of ways to encourage funding from alums


¤  Meeting concluded at 2024 hours.


Minutes recorded by: Vice President