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Sustainability Institute

The Sustainability Institute is a sustainability “think-do tank” established by Dana Meadows in 1996. Dana founded the Institute to apply system dynamics, systems thinking and organizational learning to economic, environmental and social challenges. The Institute has run a leadership program for sustainability professionals and influential projects in climate change and sustainable food production, among others.  As projects develop and become independent, they have “spun off” as independent entities. I have served on the board of directors since early in the history of the Institute, including a term as chair of the board.

Hanover Conservation Council

I have had the pleasure to serve on the board of directors of this conservation/education organization for many years. Including a term as president.  The HCC works with landowners, the Town of Hanover and developers to conserve natural landscapes and functioning farms, in the face of rapid development in the Upper Valley area. The organization negotiates and holds easements, acquires land with conservation value, and fulfils stewardship responsibilities on conservation lands.  If you live in the Upper Valley, check the HCC schedule of activities for trail walks with natural history experts, visiting speakers, and other events.

Donnella Meadows
  Mink Brook

Dana Meadows, founder of the Sustainability Institute

Mink Brook Nature Preserve, Hanover