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Many tropical forests are highly diverse. High diversity and the lack of a reliable method to age trees and measure their growth without long-term study, combine to make tropical forests more difficult to understand mechanistically than temperate forests. Many tropical forests are also remote, and demand difficult, even dangerous logistics, as well as foreign language skills.  Yet diverse tropical forests present us with one of the most fascinating and challenging problems in ecology—to understand the mechanisms that allow coexistence of so many canopy species in relatively homogenous areas. Research based in my lab has shown that tree species are subject to strong conspecific density dependent population dynamics that act to reduce dominance and promote tree species diversity.

I have collaborated over many years with Mark Leighton of Harvard, who established the remote Cabang Panti research station in the Gunung Palung National Park in Indonesian Borneo. Around the park, landscapes are changing rapidly, as forests are cut and converted, especially to palm oil plantations.  Much of our work has investigated how forest use by (1) indigenous Dayak people and (2) commercial logging have influenced species diversity and forest structure.  We have trained many students at Cabang Panti. These include graduate students based in my lab and elsewhere, undergraduate thesis students, and others who have committed to a year or two at Cabang Panti to help manage the station while conducting independent research under our direction.

We have also worked at La Selva in Costa Rica evaluating the capacity of Lidar remote sensing for demographic research on forest trees.

Several years ago I wrote a rambling account for a Dartmouth ecology/evolution retreat, about of how I came to choose research in forests, particularly in the tropics. If you are interested, please click here.


Publications- Tropical Forest
Refereed journal articles and book chapters only.
Students mentored by Peart in italics (Dartmouth Ph.D. and undergraduate honors, and pre-graduate students at Cabang Panti station, Indonesian Borneo)

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