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Horses - Schoolies

Dartmouth has the good fortune to have a number of wonderful school horses. Most of them are donations. If you think you have a horse that would make an appropriate school horse, please contact Sally Batton.

Wondering what ever happened to that old favorite lesson horse? Check out the retirees.

leo jumping


Leo is a 13 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding with a background in Eventing, Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation.  Leo is a fantastic addition to our Intermediate/Advanced string.

Image of Roo


Roo is a 14 yr old, Welsh Cob/TB gelding who joined our string in 2012. Roo has Hunter/Jumper and Eventing background and is a favorite in the barn.



Oliver has been a handsome addition to Dartmouth Riding Center. Oliver is a 17.1, Trakehner and enjoys life in the middle barn where he can go in and out 24/7 and enjoys his neighbor, Puff.



Puff, or Dragonheart, is a big, beautiful boy who came to Dartmouth in 2009. Puff is a 17.2 hand, 18 yr old Hanoverian who is a fancy mover and LOVES to jump!




Tops is a wonderful addition to our school horse string. He's an experienced foxhunter and eventer and takes our riders around the ring and over courses with a willing attitude.  Tops is also known far and wide for his fluffy coat in the winter and is lovingly called our "Wooly Mammoth"!

image of Gia


Gia is a beautiful Dutch Warmblood mare with an extensive show hunter background.  Although a bit bumpy to ride on the flat, Gia is a dream over fences.



Bodie is an adorable 15.1 hand QH gelding leased to us by Elise Stigum.  Bodie has been-there-done-that and is the steady-eddie of our school horse string. 




Shadow is an 18-year-old Morgan gelding owned by Katy Coombs and leased to Dartmouth.  Shadow has "been-there-done-that" and is the smoothest ride in the barn!

dena on green


Brady is a 17 hand Irish Draft gelding who was a foxhunter until he came to Dartmouth!  Brady is a loved addition to both the Equestrian Team and the Dressage Club and has a heart of gold, to match his flowing tresses!



zoey running


Zoey is a 9-hand Husky Shepherd mix who can jump over any and all obstacles and is the fastest animal seen on the farm.  She loves all her woodland friends(especially the skunks and porcupines) and will do tricks for food!

Last Updated: 11/23/15