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Horses - Retirees

Dartmouth Riding Center has had some terrific school horses over the years. Wondering what ever happened to your favorite, check the list. If you have news about a former school horse, let Sally know.



Garth was a warmblood who had a background as a trail horse and low-level eventing.  Garth was a wooly teddy-bear who was loved by everyone.  He was smooth and easy to ride and even played Polocrosse.  Garth had a unrequited love affair with Tommy.  Sadly Garth was put down in November 2017 due to failing health.


Gia was a beautiful Dutch Warmblood mare who came to Dartmouth with an extensive Hunter background, winning over $35,000 in her time showing.  Gia was leased by Jenna Boillotat and was also a school horse.  Sadly in 2017 she had to be put down due to complications from Cushing's.  Gia was a once in a lifetime horse that had incredible talent.  She was a careful teacher to all her riders and always maintained a sassy spirit.  You are missed, Gia!



Puff, or Dragonheart, is a big, beautiful boy who came to Dartmouth in 2009. Puff is a 17.2 hand, 18 yr old Hanoverian who is a fancy mover and LOVES to jump!  Puff was "retired" to South Woodstock in summer 2017 and has become quite the man-about-town on his trail rides all over the GMHA trail system!



Tops was a wonderful addition to our school horse string. He was an experienced foxhunter and eventer and took our riders around the ring and over courses with a willing attitude.  Tops was also known far and wide for his fluffy coat in the winter and was lovingly called our "Wooly Mammoth"!  Tops was the star of the Dartmouth Equestrian program from 2009-2016 when he had to be put down due to health issues.



Oliver is a 17.1, Trakehner and was "retired" to West Meadow Stables in Bradford, NH where he is fussed and fawned over by an army of little girls!



Sam is a gentle giant and came to us from the same family who donated Tops!  He was a great addition to our beginner string and was retired in Fall 2015 due to hock issues.  He's living with Magic on a farm in Enfield, NH.


Vodena(Dena) is a 16.2 Dutch Warmblood mare donated to Dartmouth by a past Equestrian team alum!  Dena was a dream to ride on the flat and was retired in Fall 2015 to a gorgeous farm in MI due to health issues.


Magic is a 20-something QH gelding who was a school horse at Dartmouth for twelve years!  He is living with James at a gorgeous farm overlooking Lake Mascoma!

james standing

James is a 20-something Warmblood gelding who was a great school horse for Dartmouth in the beginner string for many years.  He is living on a farm in Plainfield loving the retired life.

image of absolut


Absolut is a 17 hand, Irish Sport Horse whose background includes foxhunting and eventing. Absolut is a gentle giant who loves to be groomed and was a wonderful part of our school string for years. Absolute was retired to a farm in Etna in 2012 and loves hanging out with his new friend and family.


image of brickle


Brickle is a sweet appy pony who was a favorite of the Equestrian Team and Dressage Club riders and was a popular draw at horse shows. Here he's shown during a camp horse show, wild braid job and all. Brickle retired in 2011 to a wonderful family in Tunbridge, VT.


image of dylan


Dylan is an older Morgan who has "been there done that" as a school horse and eventer. Dylan was a school horse at VT Tech for a year and is now a trail horse in Pike, NH.

image of griffin


Griffin is an Arab cross who joined our school string in 2010. Griffin is retired and living with a wonderful family in VT.



Wyatt is living with a wonderful woman in VT as a trail horse.



Lilly is living the good life in Maine on 35 acres of pasture!



Barney has moved to southern NH where he's making his 9 year old rider a happy little girl!



Maestro moved south andenjoyeda much deserved retirement and was put down in 2011.



Isaac is busy spending his time becoming a western pleasure horse for his new rider.



Sam has found a new calling with his teenage Pony Club rider as an event horse



Red was retired to northern NH where he liveds on lots of land enjoyed the mountain view.  Red was put down in 2013.



Victor has been showing for his new rider on the Equitation circuit in MA.



Peter came to Dartmouth Riding Center after being a camp horse for a number of years in Vermont. He was a terrific beginner horse and a dream to learn to canter on.



Oscar was also referred to as Eohippus. He was donated many years ago after deciding he didn't want to be a polo pony. MANY community and Dartmouth riders learned the basics on Oscar. He was humanely put down after a long illness and was buried at the farm.



Dartmouth was lucky enough to have LB ("Little Bay")donated at the age of 10. He was a terrific Dutch Warmblood gelding who could do it all. He foxhunted, showed in local jumpers, events, dressage and at IHSA nationals (shown here). LB was retired to a local farm when he was in his twenties and was later put down.

Whippoorwill Deja Vu

Whippoorwill Deja Vu

Dartmouth acquired DJ, a registered Morgan, in the 90's. He came from a showing and foxhunting background and continued on as a favorite for the intermediate riders. He was a wonderful jumper and won many local jumper shows. DJ was retired to a local farm a few years ago. Soon after DJ arrived, so did his part brother Ben. Ben didn't take to being a school horse as well as DJ. DJ retired from life as a school horse and lived in VT for many years until he was put down due to illness in 2012.



Pickle ("Picaro") was an event horse who won training level horse of the year before joining the lesson string. He was a super dressage horse who could do a 20m circle in his sleep. He was a favorite draw for the IHSA shows as he was also an easy jumper.



Sandy came to Dartmouth from the same camp as Peter. She was a great beginner horse and taught many camp kids the basics. She was hard to tell apart from another beginner favorite, Candy.

School horse Linus


Linus was an upper-level Dressage horse for many years and found a new calling with us as a Hunter! Linus was as sweet and cuddly as his name, even though he's 17.2 hands! Linus is living a life of leisure as a trail horse in VT!

School horse Thaddy


Thaddy("Heart ofGold")came to Dartmouth in 2006 and was a barn favorite until his retirement in 2011! Thaddy was a star at all our horse shows, and even travelled to Zones and the IHSA National Championships and was the mount of numerous National Champions! Thaddy was retired in 2010 right down the road in Enfield and you may see him trail riding on the rails-to-trails!

School horse Travis


Travis was a favorite in our Beginner/Novice string due to his super comfy canter. He's now teaching lots of children to ride at Seery Hill in Andover, NH.



Finn was donated in 2008 and was a wonderful addition to our school horses. Finn was quirky, but lovable, and was a favorite among the riders here at Dartmouth Riding Center. Finn was a school horse through summer 2011 but had to be put down here at the farm due to health issues.


image of lefty


Lefty was a great school horse and taught hundreds of children, adults and Dartmouth students to ride. Lefty spent his years here at DRC and was put down due to health issues.

image of Pete



Pete is a 12 yr old, 16 hand TB who joined our advanced school horse string in 2012. Pete has evented up to Prelim and done Hunters/Equitation and Dressage.  Pete was retired to a local rider in 2013.

Foxy Cleopatra

Foxy Cleopatra

Owned by Sally's daughter Jenna, Foxy was also used by the program and was great at polocrosse and also loved to jump. (Shown here with owner Jenna and four-time Olympian Anne Kursinski, at a clinic Anne gave to the Dartmouth team.)  Foxy lived for a number of years at the farm but was put down Summer 2015 due to failing health.




Star joined us in 2011 and is a 16.2 hand, 13 yr old Warmblood. Star is great on the flat and over fences and is a popular mount for both the Equestrian Team and Dressage Club riders because his gaits are so smooth! Star enjoys the in-and-out comfort of the middle barn where he "loves" watching the parade of deer through the pastures!  Star was retired from the Team in 2013 and lives in the Florida Keys!

image of jack



Jack is an 8 yr old, 16.1 hand, Paint cross gelding who joined us in 2012. Jack has a background in Hunters and Hunter Paces and loves riding on the trails.  Jack was purchased in 2013 by a local rider who attends Colby-Sawyer College and is enjoying his new life as a western trail horse.



Maizie is a 6 hand, 12 year old chestnut lab cross(seen here at age 9). She joins the jumping string with an energetic flair. In her downtime, she loves eating flies and the occasional bee. She also enjoys a good belly rub.  Maizie lived a long, happy life on the farm and was put down in 2015 at age 13.

Last Updated: 11/25/17