About DPCS

DPCS is the gold standard of mentored community service programs and the only one of its kind at Dartmouth.

  • DPCS is a dynamic catalyst and critical support system for the Tucker Foundation and Dartmouth.
  • Its unique mentoring model creates and promotes community-centric activities for people in greatest need (e.g., inner cities and poor rural areas).
  • Programs are designed to create transformative experiences for those in need… for interns… for mentors… and for each community service organization involved.

DPCS Alumni Board

A creative group of passionate Dartmouth alums who…

  • Add a new and unique dimension to a community service internship that no one else at Dartmouth has: Alumni Mentoring.
  • Are optimistic about our ability to help address some of society’s ills.
  • Work closely with the Program Officer for National Service of the Tucker Foundation which helps manage and administer the program on campus.